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  1. hucks is now a fan ''one of us''! why shouldnt he spend his life slaggin off other clubs on message boards or social network sites? after all we all do!
  2. thanks for stalling on your contract! cos we''ve got Andrew Surman now! pure class!  
  3.                          greeno steeno malky  matt jackson  bowen fox    crook     townsend           eadie                               hucks                 sutton               
  4. there''s no where close....in town is your best bet....about 2 1/2 miles
  5. on the pitch on saturday when we''re crowned?
  6. been told by a Leyton O mate that street packing is fin...just gotta find somewhere
  7. total cost...which is the upgrade cost....you will need to pay £16-20 ...i will make nothing
  8. i don''t want to make out of it...so £16-£20  for the upgrade at ticket office..
  9. kids ticket available for upgrade....back of barclay e block
  10. marshall semi omozusi grounds berty patto sammy rusty lups sib lita
  11. i think this covers it!   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ipswich_Town_F.C._players    
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