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  1. Yep. All the youngsters, including Jamie Lewis should get a game between now and the end of the season. Except the game against the Binners. We need to field our strongest team there.
  2. Did anyone see Match of the Day on saturday where Portsmouth beat the great Man United 2-1? Did anyone notice Linvoy Primus ploughing into Wayne Rooney, knocking him clear off his feet, yet still getting the ball, in the penalty area!! Weren''t we once after this defensive rock (Primus)?? But, instead we bought the Unpenetrable, Colossus *cough* that is Gary Docherty! If we had Primus at the back, we could be in such a different posistion right now! Any thoughts?!?!
  3. Face it, since peter Grant left, West Ham United have capitulated. He cleary WAS West Ham. It was HIM who got them promoted, to the cup final and high league finish. We definitely have one of the world''s greats in charge and im certain hell get us up and into Europe
  4. I for one, am proud of our performance at the brigde today. We did not bend over and let ourselves get bummed by a far supeirior team and for much of the game we managed to hold our own and string some passes together and create some good play. We were a bit static from time to time but a four - nil reverse sounds far worse than it actually is. We can keep our heads up and hope that the tabloids applaud our very un-gay performance.
  5. i remeber seeing him at barnesly and he looked a quality player. He also did cut in and allow Hux to move the play forward. But that was before the slump and the team seemed to be in relly good morale. We will see more of him
  6. [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="barclay headhunter"] Personally, I think we''ll kill them. 7-0; Brown x3, Hux, Dublin x2, Lappin, Doherty. [/quote] Don''t worry I will go fetch your straight jacket straight away!!! [/quote] I was being sarcastic, i dont think we''ll kill them really [1-0, Brown]. Im not sure how difficult it was to recognise. I''ll point it out next time, mate.
  7. Personally, I think we''ll kill them. 7-0; Brown x3, Hux, Dublin x2, Lappin, Doherty.
  8. Chadwick Marshall Brown Lappin Fotheringham Overall, what do we think about the signings? Personally I thought that most of em were quite good and they''ll all develop into sucessful Norwich players as long as we support them. I dont want to contradict myself but can we really see Brown providing the goals to pump us up the table??? A loan striker is essential unless Martin gets the games and gets the goals. Of course, Grunt could always ask his old mate Pardew if we could borrow a Charltoner, that Kevin Lisbe wasn''t too bad when he came here. I dont know if he is still at Charlton but he put in a few for us when he was here last season??
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