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  1. Just seen in the sun paper that both are set to sign for wolves so obviously another club willing to show there ambition i just wish we would
  2. They have all been promoted in the last 5 years?
  3. Having newdirectors etc and clearing out some dead wood how much do you think we will spend this summer i reckon between 1-2 mil at the most
  4. [quote user="Stuart Clark"] why are we offering him a new contract? I have seen the boy play on a number of occasions and i have always thought he was the worst player on the pitch, he is simply not good enough for this level, even torquay wouldnt play him and they got relegated to the conference!! Hes a shocker [/quote] Was wondering the same thing weird get rid
  5. valid point, maybe he speds to much time in Delaneys?!
  6. Yea i saw them the future looks bright can u imagine to Huckerbys int the norwich team? could happen in 15 years or so
  7. We need squad players in a perfect world we would have 20 darren huckerbys he needs some time to settlehe is skillfull just needs fitness give the lad a chance
  8. everyone keeps saying that Safri gets tired "alot"  maybe im wrong but i can only remember this happening the once?
  9. i would start with saf but keep fozzy on the bench to see what he is like when fully fit plus we have a small squad so need squad players
  10. 1 goal in 18 games at that level?? not good enough get rid now!
  11. We have alot poorer players than Lee Croft our worst player this season has to be thorne 8k a week for nothing, get rid!!! lee croft has potential he is quick and can do a job just needs to work on his end product but people forget he is only 21 he has alot to offer yet definatley not to be written off
  12. Sadly i think they will bounce straight back just as manchester city
  13. i dunno but i hope he has signed a new one cos i for 1 want him here next season, great player
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