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  1. A step up from trying to recognise yourself in the photos for the Pink''s weekly ''Spot the Ball'' competition. I remember thinking that I had seen myself in one of these once and pointed the blurred image out to my old mother. "Oh yes. You do look well" she replied. Bless.
  2. I would love him to get ten goals as that could mean a top ten finish for us.   Snodgrass and Pilks notch up a few as do the defense.   Then we can talk about the strikers. Even Becchio might get one
  3. There always seems to be a fair proportion of the fan-base that love Carroll at the clubs he has played at.   The Toon army love him of course as do a lot of Spammers. He even has a lot of support at Liverpool.   A total of £18m fee and those wages on top (£100k pm?) is plain daft considering his limitations.   RVW @ £8m or Carroll at twice that. Hmmm. I haven''t seem Ricky play much but I have Carroll so I know my preferred deal.  
  4. I think he''s a very good player that we are lucky to have stumbled across. To single him out for our goals- for misery is hardly fair either.   Whilst I have to confess I expected him to be a bit more prolific, he will have been worthwhile for the way he virtually single-handedly got us those points against Everton.   I think that maybe the Wolfswinkel signing has taken some of the gloss off the KK factor, but then I never anticipated an £8.5m striker to arrive at a fraction of that price from the American league in the first place.   I wouldn''t be too unhappy about us approaching next season with Kamara on board but I would though if the lack of midfield creativity were not to be addressed.  
  5. "Fine, if the majority think we''ll rake in some fantasy value for Ruddy. To clarify £8m if we''re lucky, pushing £10M and upwards deluled."   Was Ferguson "deluded" to fork out £18m for DeGea then?   From what I have seen, I would prefer Big J.  
  6. Chick here.   Maybe it''s old Chick''s youth, maybe it''s his lack of grey matter, but can things really be expected to be much better at the old Carrot Patch?   From the yoofs upwards all yummy. Virtually safe, billions of cash, Hughton, RVW, KK, DMcN, C & A, KFC and PM''s Question Time. It is a real struggle to take it all in.    Finger licken'' good.      
  7. Chick again.    I think those who don''t consider him good enough for us might have their heads in the clouds slightly and may well be suffering from a small dose of Wolfswinkel''s syndrome.   Fair enough, there is an element of the marginal about KK and he would never fetch £8.5m on the transfer market but he brings a lot to the party, is getting better all the time and will undoubtedly continue to do so. He seems about right for NCFC at this moment in time. He is a busy player who has the uncanny knack of causing his play to lead to goals, even when he is fouled. He also slots a neat ball through at times.   If we are due to splash the cash further in the summer, then I would prefer us to do so with midfielders in mind.   C.
  8. Chick''s back.   Camp was brought in as an emergency measure for a situation which is now resolved.   Didn''t matter much in the end as we got nil points from his two appearances, but might have done.    Lambert was happy to rely upon Ruddy and the youngsters, perhaps unwisely. Time really to advance either Rudd or Steer with another season now under their belts.   Thinking about the wages bill too.   Has this an impact upon squad places as well?   Chick    
  9. It''s chick again.   Having a silly moment BR?   Interesting scam though.   Bye.
  10. Is Paul Merton the one who once called (on SS) Darren Huckerby Darren Huckleberry, or was that Mrs. Merton? 
  11. This usually comes up in dicussions about stadium expansion.   I would welcome it very much if the sponsor were to make a sizeable contribution to this.
  12. Chick just dipped into Villa Talk for an enlightening few minutes.   Lambert has been released from the stocks and is to be given the freedom of the City of Birmingham. The name Norwich turns up a lot in a thread entitled "Relegation." How roles have suddenly reversed. They anticipate an easy three points when they visit Carrow Road and cite our current form. Overall though Stoke are their most popular tip for the trap-door exit.   Bah! Humbug! They are, however very premature in my view. Have they hopefully peaked too soon? Has Hughton hopefully paced our run-in to perfection?   Exciting stuff.
  13. [quote user="dpit"]Heard the unemployed Colin on the radio yesterday saying that we could save Sunderland''s bacon by going down. Doesn''t like us much does he?[/quote]   I can''t say I blame him after our pillaging of Elland Road''s finest. In truth, he should mainly resent Villa more as it was all mostly PL''s doing, including Snoddy in all probability.    According to him, the loss of Robert Snodgrass cost him a promotion push.   Chick
  14. Hi, Chick back.   Probably a bit of a backward step for us over the week-end, but not disastrous.   Kei, Kei, Kei. Why? Why? Why?   Three points in the bag if he had connected with that Snoddy cross. His sublime pass to Bennett led to the first though.   Stoke came off worse overall and their defeat jettisoned them into the fray. They seem to have come from nowhere, but looking at their recent form their plight is now obvious. If we stay up and they go down I would hope that we don''t look to assume their boring mantle, if we haven''t done so already.   The unanswered from the week-end would seem to be:   Has Hughton lost the crowd? Has DiCanio lost his marbles? Did Pardew find his keys?    Caiou.  
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