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  1. Sure someone will be at Colney to sneak a look at who is and isn''t there.....
  2. Seems a week or so early but clearly Alex Neil leaving nothing to chance. Would imagine the transfer activity will ramp up this week because of this and the window opening.
  3. Weimann also been told he can leave Villa, always played bloody well against us and could be a good addition as far as numbers are concerned.
  4. Personally don''t think there is a need for one, had the day at Wembley, get off and rested for the challenges ahead....
  5. [quote user="francis"]I couldn''t care less how we win as long as we do but i expect us to press you and play like we did in the home leg with Brenford. If we get an early goal i''d expect us to park the bus. We''re not in the entertainment business, we''re about winning football matches.[/quote] Oh joy.....!!!
  6. [quote user="can u sit down please"]Wes added calm, creativity and ball retention to our play. No coincidence we got on top and started creating again when he entered the Fray. Imo he was very good[/quote] I agree CUSDP, Wes added the measured control we were threatening without delivering. For me, I would keep Redmond in as I think you need width next week, as we still have to go and win the game. Dorrans for me to make way, not that I think he deserves to be dropped, but Howson is playing too well and it has to be a choice between the two. Would be tempted with Hooper, but Jerome offers the cover at their set pieces, which they place such emphasis on.
  7. Think we were set up to be more cautious for the first 75 minutes that a normal Alex Neil team, hence the exclusion of Wes. As the game wore on, we gained more and more control, much more possession and, in the end, looked like there would be only one winner. I hope I''m wrong, but Ipswich''s best chance was to gain a foothold in the first hour of the first leg, before our quality started to shine through. They can bang the drum all they want, but I would imagine deep down, Ipswich will be thinking that any chance they had may have gone, and will dread the thought of an early goal for us, because if that happens, I think we will walk away with this, I saw nothing for us to fear at all and I fully expect Wes to be reinstated next week, possibly for Dorrans as I think Redmond keeps Mings thinking about his defensive responsibilities.
  8. Can understand the feeling of anti climax in a way as, trying hard to be objective,,(??) we are just a better team than them. They matched us in the first half but I thought second half we were dominant in possession and controlled the game for long spells without ever creating many clear chances. Console yourself with the fact that what you saw form Ipswich was the best they can muster, from us we were maybe 75% today, early goal next week and it could be a very comfortable afternoon.
  9. Maybe worth recalling that Phelan made the small tactical switch of moving Johnson to the left side, think it was Wigan away........
  10. Lived next door to Jon Newsome when he first moved to our fine City. Imagine the shock on the face when he walks past your front window walking his dog.   Complete down to earth charming bloke, became great friends and still talk now. Carl Bradshaw was a further two doors away, they were fun together....   Gunny officially opened PC World store for me in 1996.   Spent a great evening in the company of Mr Ken Brown and his lovely wife in June here in Dubai, happy to talk football all evening over a few beers and a nice steak, which was just as well for him as the questions rained down....
  11. If you want defenders who can play, the selection is contradicting because Miguel is known for his passing ability from the back and Garrido is a great crosser and exceptional set piece deliverer.   I''m not saying these are the answers, merely that if you set up with defenders having a requisite to attack, they''ve got to be able to do it well...
  12. [quote user="Barry Brockes"]But it''s all to do with momentum. Then we had it - now we don''t. A graph showing the respective performances to date would show two very different pictures.[/quote]   It was now in 2010/11 that we set on a run, starting with Ipswich at home this weekend. We then won I think 4 out of 5 games. You are right about momentum, but records, even goals for and against are not far off. We had scored one less and conceded three more.   But I agree momentum over expectation is the mental game we face, both as players and fans.
  13. ...But under Lambert we were 8th after 18 games with 27 points in 2010/11.........................   We had scored 27, conceded 25, and just drawn with Reading 3-3....   There''s hope yet..!!!!
  14. Last three seasons you have produced some amazingly accurate predictions based on stats at certain times of the season.   Are you able to shed any light on this crazy division. I ask as it appears to the naked eye that it takes until xmas/new year for the Champ to sort itself out and find any sort of opportunity for predictions.    
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