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  1. Ok will repeat the offer A lift or lifts are availsble to Wembley are available from LOWESTOFT. If I can help you please reply otherwise....
  2. Have seats available Returning immediately after we have won
  3. 11 points from 11 games is not a blip - 11 games is a quarter of a season and therefore represents Adams ability to Manage NCFC Short term form over 3 or 4 games can be a blip - suspensions injuries etc Had enough Get rid now Didn''t want Adams appointmened He has shown that Gung ho kids footy is no substitute for an experienced manager Get
  4. One adult and one under 18 available for N&P upper tier
  5. Yes Mark- Ron Davies is certainly a Nowich Legend - just after Ron Hunt and Barry Butler in my memory archive I was fortunate to travel to Kenilworth Rd in the early sixties to see my beloved City thrashed 4-0 with Ron Davies netting all 4 goals Then probably in 1964 Norwich were trailing 2-0 with not so long left Ron scored with a header and then produced , for me, the best goal I''ve seen at Carrow Rd A diagonal ball from Phil Kelly found Ron with his back to goal 25 yds out He chested it down swivelled, and hit a volley into the top corner of Gary Sprakes net - thats what legends are made of Just as an aside - I remember seeing him at the players entrance immalulate in blue blazer and very special tailored trousers - a real class act at the start of tge MOD era��Ca Carrow Rd
  6. [quote user="barkingmad"]Mmmmm and there''s me thinking O''Neil was ROI manager. Did I miss something?[/quote] Yes you did - thi k it was quite obvious to most people The Ipswich connection and Suffolk wind up oh that was it.....
  7. The last time you replied to a post of mine In your normal inane style I responded in a standard that was not my normal style I stayed off her for 18 months as a result Even after your illness an d best wishes from posters you are still pedalling your immediate and unsavoury replies Stay healthy and change your unpleasant attitude
  8. [quote user="TIL 1010"]So a thread about Wes playing against Turkey quickly turned into an anti Adams rant a couple of lines into the opening post. FFS [:@] [/quote] The link - if you are stupid enough not to connect it - was Adams inability to use the experienced HOOLAHAN to help City stay up It was his choice and one point was not at all good
  9. Great to see a sun standard Wes is again playing international football alongside Long A single striker system with Wes off the front man I was amazed that Hoolahan didn''t get a start in the last 5 games by Adams - preferred Wolf Hooprr Elamander and Redmond - even brought on kids Murphy etc to try to save us Not confident Adams can deliver - got plently of effort and commitment but one point in the last five People wanted change and sure got it - the board were expert at deflecting the blame on themselves for not making a January change.. Away from their decision to give a rookie 5 games to take us down Now compounded by a 3 year contract for Adams IF I had not watched City for 60 years I would be starting the Adams out campaign now but we''re been through worse times.....
  10. There is a theme on here that everyone saw relegation coming for a very long time With 10 games the bookies had us at 10-1 to go down, then 6-1 - it was the 3 consecutive defeats including WBA and Fulham which started to make us favourites for the drop For those who knew we would go down a long time ago I hope there are some very rich people I considered an insurance punt at 6-1 but couldn''t bet against City Let''s face it our close season signings were atrocious - RvW,Redmond Hooper and to a lesser extent Fer - the reinforcements of Elamander and Gulti didn''t improve matters Relegated by lack of goals - with those strikers not performimg week after week The Hughton/Adams management issues are irrelevant - end of story, for me!!
  11. Totally disagree He has not been our Theo Walcott more our Achilles Heel Needs a hell of a lot of coaching to be a Premiership player - and even in the Championship I would need convincing - we have seen a lot of fast lightweight players- Lennon Wright Phillips etc just disappear Sterling, of Liverpool, is the model for Redmond having moved from potential to England World Cup certainty
  12. Sorry could not resist Are the right tipe of supporter
  13. Sorry Bor Bor Bor - apparently aptly named but I''ve been crossing the border for 60 years - yes supporting City through thick and thin yes the good times and the bad times Maybe a bit more tolerant than the irrational and very temperamental viewpoints we have endure on here - Yes you can have an affinity but surely not to the exclusion of all other teams clubs people views yes I think that''s insular Come on Lowestoft and remember Stephenson, Crawford , Phillips and Leadbetter - there that''s joined up thinking
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