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  1. Afraid not, at the end of November we had 27 points and they were 6 points ahead on 33 points. By the end of December they had extended their lead over us to 11 points, 48 to 37. By the end of January they were still 10 points ahead. It has only been this month that we have managed to claw our way back to where we were 13 games ago.
  2. Since the end of November all the teams in the league have played 13 matches. Over that period we have garnered 29 points, which is more than any other team has managed - we have been the form team of the last 3 months. There are 14 matches remaining, but over the last 3 months despite being the form team, we have only gained 2 points over Middlesborough and Derby, who still remain 4 and 6 points ahead of us respectively. We''ve also made up 3 points against Bournemouth who remain a further three points ahead of us. So if we continue to pick up points in the same vein, we still need two of the top three to falter sightly and pick fewer points than they have so far managed for us to catch them and get an automatic spot. Even beating both Middlesborough and Derby may not be enough. Over the 13 match run we''ve beaten Watford today, but still only gained two points on them. It looks to me that if we continue picking up points as we have been we should get close to the tails of the top two without quite catching them. On a very positive note though, over the last three months we have gained 6 points over the scum.
  3. It''s not clever making fun of obese people. They have more than enough on their plate already.
  4. Maybe it only gets used in deluxe (Dulux) games
  5. It''s an absolute disgrace. FIFA have to hold a hold a thorough enquiry - otherwise they might be considered to be a corrupt organisation. Oh hang on ...
  6. [quote user="YellowFellow"]Not sure what hes actually achieved, to warrant being linked to us, im pretty sure he wouldnt be mentioned without havin NCFC connections 1 name i am surprised never seems to be linked is steve evans currently at Rotherham, Has a good consistent record of promotions /success at his 3-4 clubs hes managed, i know he can be a bit love or hate and will upset people but maybe thats what we need. We need someone that wants to make the next step up, and wont let anyone at the club slacken or be passengers[/quote] GOD NO!!!! As an exile in Lincolnshire I used to spend my Saturday afternoons at Boston''s York Street, until Steve Evans returned as manager. The man is a crook, a thief and a cheat - and they are his good qualities. He brings in new payers by the tonne, some of whom turn out to be gems, but most are duds. He falls out with everyone, and wherever he goes it ends in tears. McNally would never stomach him.
  7. Remember this? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096647/
  8. Oh no! I was hoping the match would be over, as it simply one less thing to worry about. Speech has been slightly modified, just need the right result. OTBC
  9. For the first time in a long time, I will be totally incommunicado during tomorrow afternoon''s match, as my eldest daughter is getting married, and apparently my presence is not simply expected, but required. I''ll be delivering my Father of the Bride speech at about 5:30 pm, by which time the match will have finished. My speech starts by talking about a day of celebration, two tribes coming together, a sense of anticipation, an iconic building and lots of singing. I am of course referring to Norwich City''s stunning 2-0 victory at Old Trafford earlier this afternoon. Come on boys, I don''t want to have to rewrite my speech during the reception!
  10. but what is the point of passing a motion if there''s no soap at the river end?
  11. [quote user="Simple Jack"]... A point beyond which, once the decision to go beyond it is made, the decision and its resulting consequences are permanently decided and irreversible... Looks like Jezza might just be a little smarter than you.[/quote] ummm, I think that''s called crossing the Rubicon, after Julius Caesar said "alea iacta est" - the die has been cast. If you cross a line in the sand there is nothing to prevent you crossing back in the opposite direction.
  12. Ken Brown was assistant manager too before being made manager. My understanding is that the only managers we''ve had who haven''t had a previous connection to the club are Saunders, Bond, The Rodent, Lambert and Hughton.
  13. [quote user="ron obvious"]Certainly is, Jas & NS. Thought I''d have a change of pace from Ralphy. I''ve been a bit obsessed with her for the past few years. Never heard anyone quite like her.[/quote] She''s better looking than RVW
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