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  1. Just a feeling, but any shortlist of replacement managers MUST include MR. And I''d imagine he''d be pretty close to the top. He has done a great job wherever he has been - getting the most out of teams (such as Barnsley & now Huddersfield) that would struggle and be expected to be relegated from the Championship. Not especially experienced, which is the only drawback, but as close to a genuine City legend as you can possibly get, so should be able to get the feel-good factor back at Carrow Road... as everybody knows, that is fundamentally important for a club of our stature. Just a thought.
  2. Okay, then. This really is my last message - surprised I read these comments, to be honest. The replies of Pete, Eggy and Hughton P45 (et al.) illustrate the utter stupidity and lack of rationality that is predominant in the Negatives on this board and elsewhere. In reply to these three, in no particular order: First of all, Pete, the concept that Hughton is here solely to destroy the club is unbelievably weird. Do you here yourself? Do you actually believe that? Freak. Eggy: Sacking Hughton now is not an option. It has oft been said what a waste of space Calderwood is by many on this turd of a discussion forum. What you, with you''re suggesting is that we make him interim-manager. You realise that don''t you? Moron. Hughton''s P45: 1. Have you actually been watching the football we have played on numerous occasions this season? I have never seen a team outside the top 6 dominate a team the way we did against Cardiff at home. They desperately and extremely luckily kept us out, and instead of seeing what was in front of them and pushing the team on to keep going and really believe, by the 70th minute the crowd turned. Well done, you idiots. How about the excellent performances against the likes of Everton at home,Stoke away and Southampton? Or the tremendous guts we showed against Arsenal & Chelsea, who we gave a good game, but they just had too much for us. But, apparently, losing against Arsenal & Chelsea just isn''t acceptable any more. You see what want to see and you long ago decided that nothing was good enough. 2. Fine, drive McNally away. Go ahead and credit Lambert with everything that DM did. Relegation and a return to Championship and League One obscurity is all you deserve. And now, to sign off in a huge whirlwind of sour grapes, I have a question: Does anybody on here get tired of constantly going on and on about the same thing, with the same arguments and the same lack of point? Great! You''ve had your say, we know what you think, and you want the manager out. Good for you! Now shut the f**k up and support the team. Bye!
  3. Hello, all. I haven''t posted on here for a long time now for various reasons - partially because I have other things on (as, unlike some on here, I actually have a life) and because I have been genuinely appalled and disgusted by my own fellow Norwich fans. Regardless of what is going on, of who is in charge or how the team are playing, I will at no point wish my team to lose just to be proven right. A football club is not about any individual... basically, what I''m saying to all the ''nay sayers'' that have poisoned this club with there vitriolic negativity is: "its not about you, y''know?". Anyhoo, I think its safe to say that you have got your wish. No matter what happens now, there is no way back for Hughton. Hoots is a man of great determination and a man I respect, but anybody -regardless of how determined they are, or indeed how arrogant or stupid they are (and Chris is neither of those things) - must realise that the atmosphere is so fundamentally poisoned that to continue is an exercise in futility. The irony is, things will be better from next season on anyway - the Wolf, who, like the likes of Iwan Roberts and Drogba before him (and this is the only time that those two players will likely be mentioned in the same sentence) has always needed a season to bed in before he hits his stride, will be a different player next season. The same could be said for, among others, Hooper and Fer (who''s form has dipped over Christmas... about the same time that he would be having a winter break in Holland). At no point has Hughton, nor the people that want him gone, ever mentioned that he has had a huge injury list this season, with the smallest squad in the league - a consequence of assembling a squad on the cheap over the years... injury-prone players are so much cheaper. A problem that Chirs is trying to rectify with an extremely modest budget. However, Chris Hughton would know that if he were to go, then effectively the slate is wiped clean for his players. They have a fresh start and can then push on in an air of relative positivity from the crowd, rather than in the weird, illogical, irrational masochistic negativity that currently permeates the morgue that is Carrow Road. There is an additional danger with this present attitude: just imagine what would happen if your stupidity and ingratitude drives away the architect of our renaissance, David McNally? This could happen and I dread to think of the consequences. So, in essence, what I am saying is, lets get over the line. Lets back the team and give them the 12th man that they have been in need of and stay up this season. Hughton is going, you''ve got your wish, now back the team, raise the roof and enjoy your new manager next season - and hope that he''s better than the one we have. Rant over. I''m out.
  4. I''m bringing back this campaign because I think the boys really need it on the pitch. Time and time again we get in to good positions and choke in the final third. Because of poor decision making in this area early on, the players get over-eager and nervy, and ultimately run out of ideas. I know I''m not the only one who thinks that (sometimes) we should just be willing to do what every other team in the Premiership does in this situation - put your bloody foot through it! It might go in (like with Josh Murphy on Tuesday), it might deflect for a corner, it might force the keeper in to a save that our strike-force can follow up. The profound irony always is that, once a team get a goal (by whatever means), it becomes a catalyst and builds momentum for the team, and further goals get easier to create because the team knows they can do it. Once they cross that white-line, its all down to them (to quote Paul Lambert) and they''ve forgotten how to stay loose in front of goal. Lets remind them. Everybody yell "SHOOT"!
  5. Just one of many players we are looking at. The big difference is its the first and, thus far, only one we know about. The reason we know about is that Wet Sham blabbed. Take it as a sign that we''re still working on deals.
  6. If true, then its as cover for injured Benno. A versatile forward with pace and power, can play on either wing, but also up front (as an added option). Useful. Sensible.
  7. Unlikely, but not impossible. Montpellier aren''t looking good financially and I think its fair to say that the vice-president was speaking figuratively. It would have to be an attractive offer, though. Who knows!
  8. Fantastic post, Parma. PLEASE POST MORE OFTEN. May I ask, what is your opinion on the current Quagliarella situation? Where do you think he''s likely to end up?
  9. Not sure if this warrants a thread, so I apologies if it doesn''t. Mainly out of boredom, I''ve been researching possible CB targets and found that Cheikhou Kouyaté could still be a possibility. He''s being professional and patient, so he''s still doing his thing for Anderlecht (and doing it well, by all accounts), but he still wants a Premier League move. Southampton and especially Newcastle are the teams being touted in the press as the ones interested. Yet, nobody has actually put a bid on the table or shown any firm interest. I wouldn''t rule us out just yet.
  10. He never said that he didn''t think we could meet our ambition. He just said the move/terms were not right for him. No need to put words in his mouth. I''ll happily retract this and admit my mistake if you can provide evidence that he said "I don''t think they can meet their ambition".
  11. Is it confirmed? It could well be the case, but this is coming from Italian media and I trust that about as far as I can throw it (and probably less than that).
  12. Connor Wickham? Seriously??? Just threw-up a little.
  13. grdean: I can absolutely see where you''re coming from and the thought crossed my mind. With Elmhander the steady experienced elder statesman, effectively it makes room for a bit of a wild card. Maybe a younger player that, whilst very talented, would be a bit of a risk to rely on him too much too soon. A Vaclav Kadlec sprang to mind (though, if it happens, I don''t think it''ll be him). Alternatively, we could already know who the target is - probably Quagliarella. If he is, and we manage to pull off that signing, then I''d be very happy. Concerning what you say about James Vaughan, Simeon Jackson or Chris Martin: I''d urge you to move on. They''re gone. And they''re gone for a reason. We''re moving onwards and upwards here.
  14. My own opinion on "The Quag" changes on an hourly basis - veering from certainty that his arrival is imminent, to certainty that he''ll never come here in a million years. That said, I can''t understand why West Ham would be anybody''s favourites to land him. Juve want cash. West Ham don''t want to part with any money, whereas we have a respectable bid on the table. In these circumstances, with our money on already on the table (and Juve impressed with the way we handle ourselves), there''s no way Juve will accept a loan deal. Additionally - and I''m making massive assumptions here - I don''t think West Ham is right for him. They have a bigger reputation (wrongly in my opinion) so make better copy, which could help his bid for the Italy squad. However, Quag strikes me as a small city boy, rather than one for the metropolis. Just an opinion and probably wrong.
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