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  1. [quote user="morty"]So Chris Hughton made Grant Holt age quicker?I really have heard it all now....[/quote] A couple hours with me in the Nelson premier inn prior to a home game and I would age you at least 5 years!!!
  2. [quote user="morty"]Hmmmm, even I am starting to get a little concerned now.[/quote] You can cry into my bosom if you like you hunk of prime norfolk beef
  3. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="morty"]*lights up a cigarette* [/quote] I knew this girl once who could blow rings with a cigarette. [:D] [/quote] I hope you are not after a threesome Tilly I stopped doing them after one appeared on xhamster without my knowledge
  4. [quote user="morty"]I am astounded at the amount of pants wetted over something that hasn''t actually happened.[/quote] My pants get wet everytime you post Mark you sexy beast
  5. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Herman "]Personally I thought Morris was better than the Murphy twins. But that''s up to Adams and Hughton.[/quote]I like the look of him too, hughton has shown though that he isnt afraid of blooding youngsters when they are ready, so his time will come I suspect.[/quote] I could do with a right good blooding.
  6. Not just sexy but witty with it as well. I have a crack you might be interested in
  7. Hi sexy Morty What you wearing to the game today? I have a sexy Victoria Secrets undies. A figure hugging cashmere next top and sling tight jeans.
  8. Once again the Messiah gets it bang on he is a genius he truly is. Finishing as high as possible in the league is financially important. Why on earth is Hapless risking the wolf on Saturday if he gets injured again in a pointless match It could harm our entire season. Let becchio have the start Hapless has no idea how to play a cup competition anyway even if we did go for it. Luton is all the evidence you need
  9. We can do better a lot better his football is dull he doesn''t know how to make substitutions. He has killed the atmosphere at the carra. He is a joke.
  10. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="Fat Nat"]U will fall for my heaving chest most men do. Xxx[/quote] I don''t know about a heaving chest but a little black pussy might do it. [:D] [/quote] Good shout my pet name for my one is snowy!
  11. Mine is to give Morty a right good seeing to before the end of the season. He is such a hunk
  12. [quote user="morty"]Great.Now I''m getting groomed.[:(][/quote] Oh Wiz get behind me in the queue for the hunky Morty
  13. [quote user="morty"]Lots of tweets from Villa fans tonight, interestingly saying pretty much the same about Lambert that you morons spout about Hughton./just saying.[/quote] You are making me very moist tonight u handsome beast
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