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  1. Good news for lahdidah posh London plastics who pretend to like soccer. Two man scrum Tarquin!
  2. The afternoons are traditionally left free for the snooker hall, the turf accountant or dogging.
  3. The floodlight pylon came down on to the terracing in that corner.
  4. A "must win" game is one which, should the result go against us, would leave the supporters feeling very sad. Probably because it pretty much guarantees relegation. Players, conversely, will shrug their shoulders, phone their agents to sort out an inglorious yet hasty move to another club and sit back to enjoy their champagne in the VIP section of a local nite spot.
  5. LDC''s gaff sounds promising - the spiritual home of the plastics.
  6. Clappers ... All you need to add is LDC style halfy-half scarves for a plastics paradise.
  7. You''re right, it is hard to believe we are "unlikely to go down". Personally, I think it highly probable.
  8. McNally has asked for the yellarmy to assemble tomorrow at 3.00. Obviously this refers to real fans who are actually going to the game, those whose vocal support can be heard by the players. But in these days where being "inclusive" is deemed to be so important, is the club organising an alternative assembly point for plastics/stream-watchers?
  9. Late March and still a pitiful solitary goal from Finidi van Georgewinkel. Looks like the vicar knows his onions. Should he be Director of Football?
  10. Only seen Wolf play 3 times? I had no idea you were a plastic.
  11. I think you''re right but that "someone else''s team" he''d fit so well in to probably play at Sloughbottom Park on Sunday mornings.
  12. His "movement" is woeful. Half the time he gormlessly stands there ball watching, the other half he hides up to avoid getting the ball. The other players only pass to him if there is no other option because he will instantly lose possession. But at least h looked good on all those YouTube clips eh, young Ginger? Did you ever see Mark Fotheringham? He looked good on YouTube as well. Ricky Von Fotheringhamswinkel
  13. When was the last time someone cleared the roof of the Jarrold when hoofing the ball?
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