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  1. Be interesting to hear from Hughton if the Board fully supported him in bringing the players he wanted to the club. Also in Hughtons defence, the last 4 games have shown that even without his tactics the squad he had was c**p.
  2. Goes to show what a bunch of t@ssers run the football club.
  3. Its amazing how many posters on this site resort to throwing insults when they can''t support their point with facts or evidence.
  4. [quote user="Private Frazer"]Put it on a CD instead[/quote] Showing my age. Should''ve said blue ray. Or beta max.
  5. Do you mean this message board or the NCFC Board? It would explain a lot.
  6. Who ever starts, I''m guessing well play for the draw like we did at Chelsea.
  7. When do you think the club will release its pre-prepared press release stating how disappointed that they are at relegation, and how everything will focussed on gaining promotion next season?
  8. Anybody have any suggestions as to what could be included, or how the club will try to market it?
  9. [quote user="Waveney Canary"]I have never made a mistake that has cost 100 million that is some mistake[/quote] Well said Waveney.
  10. I think it will be interesting to see whether the club still goes ahead with the Player of the Season presentation before the match.
  11. How much of that will go towards paying McNally''s bonus?
  12. I''m also available. Still got my old school football kit! Never played PL football - so I''m on a par with RVW and GH
  13. I think the this will be the first time since 1979ish that we''ve gone a whole season without back to back wins. Has any other club managed it in the old First Division/PL?
  14. You might think that next season is about getting back into the Premier League. Do you think the NCFC Board share your belief?
  15. Presumably, they''ll resend to tomorrow with altered prices to reflect playing in The Championship?
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