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  1. My passports have been British, American and Canadian. Born in Ohio, raised in Saskatchewan (hence the avatar) by English parents, and spent a full year plus many vacations visiting family in Norwich.
  2. Oh yes please. Let me know where you''ll be and when, and I can guarantee you there will be quite a crowd from this messageboard who would like to meet you in person. - bonobor Nah, just you.
  3. BS, the geography lesson was in response to 1/2 of Americans not having (needing, was my point) passports. You need them to go more than a few hours drive. We don''t. The ignorance comment is in response to endless accusations about how stupid we are, when in fact the opposite is the case. id think your superior intelligence would have been able to get that. Piecemeal? What are you on about? I love the game.
  4. If Bennett''s a no go, I like your 2 back lines, Houghtonanny. That is the best name ever, by the way :) We need Hoolahan and Jerome to start and keep the ball in their end of the field, and bring in Branford later.
  5. Naismith for Hoolahan and I''m sold on that. - Bornobo Why? I mean really, why?
  6. Bornobo, when I said MORE THAN a few hundred miles. Read whole comments before responding so Herman doesn''t have to explain it for you. I know you love calling us Americans stupid but it sounds silly when all the misinformation is coming from the GMT.
  7. Thank you! Yes, it''s single tier. Exactly! But rather than double deck the good seats, the master minds who developed and redeveloped the stadium added upper decks to the least desirable parts of the stadium. And now Bornobo is flinging feces claiming it DOES have an upper deck! You clowns are tripping all over your blind hatred for me and looking pretty silly in the process. But thanks for clarifying and agreeing with me on what you''d previously disagreed with.
  8. Really, Herman? The Welsh and Scottish borders aren''t even 300 miles from Norwich. The island is 600 miles from top to bottom.
  9. Do you people not understand what an upper deck is? Or is it the "behind the goallines" that is confusing you?
  10. That was the year I attended Avenue Road Middle School and learned about NCFC. My grandpa took me to the Coventry game which I believe ended in a 1 - 1 tie. As the school year progressed it seemed more and more of my classmates lost faith and turned to other teams to hitch their wagons. A bunch of us stayed loyal, though.
  11. Why don''t you read the part after the part you highlighted? If we don''t score, we cannot win. If we score first or take a lead after going behind, we WILL HAVE HAD A CHANCE of winning, and may be regained the currently lost scoring touch for later games. Bornobor, I''ll likely be in Norwich later this year. You could ask me that yourself.
  12. It''s pretty clear many on here haven''t been. You can''t keep your stories straight. Where, besides behind to goallines, is there an upper deck? Please offer an answer rather than more empty commentary. Oh ya, you can''t.
  13. A lot of us don''t have passports because we''re already here. All of you have them so you can come here. Also, we can travel at least 1,500 and over 3000 miles to visit all sorts of different places without leaving the country. You can''t go more than about 50 miles to reach the coast. If you want to travel more than a few hundred miles, you''ll need a passport. We have it all right here within our borders. nutty didn''t seem too amused by your stream of abuse.
  14. Til, Lappin''s comment indicates theres an upper deck (I sure don''t recall it) and your comment about being triple the size to disprove my comment about Carrow Road being predominantly cheap seats had me wondering if my memory was off. Now I have no idea what Lappy meant. Or you either. There aren''t all that many seats between the goallines compared to hiw many there are behind it. Once again, who builds a stadium like that?
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