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  1. Ian

    Turning on Farke

    I agree about the late subs, and was frustrated yesterday that changes were not made - but being objective, we should have scored just prior to Tottenham's second and IMO we looked far worse once Hernandez came on than we had done previously. Perhaps it's just a case that we simply don't have the quality in the squad.
  2. It wasn't the prettiest performance, but we still played some fantastic stuff at times, particularly the skill from Cantwell, Buendia and Duda. I actually thought we did okay second half prior to the red card, and generated several excellent chances to finish the match off. However, completely agree about the psychology of the situation; we still have a very inexperienced squad at this level, and given the fact we have failed to see out any of our previous half time leads, I don't think the belief and confidence that keeping a clean sheet and winning 1-0 will grant to the team should be underestimated.
  3. Ian


    What a great point. Let's not forget Omar Koroma either!
  4. Ian

    Liverpool VAR

    I think the setup they have is perfectly fine for what it is intended to do - spot clear and obvious errors with the naked eye. The problem is how the Premier League have implemented things, and attempted to go beyond this with complete disregard for the limitations of the technology, and more importantly, the spontaneity which partly makes up the essence of football. Give the benefit to the attacker, and go with the on-field decision unless it is a clear offside. This should have been the obvious approach to anybody who has a keen interest in the sport and understands the current VAR technology, and it begs the question how nobody in power had the obvious foresight to see the absolute mess that has occurred so far this season. The Premier League are not one of the first adopters of VAR; yet this season is becoming the most farcical. Whoever is responsible for this implementation, given that they have the benefit of seeing how VAR has been utilised in other leagues and competitions, should probably be fired for gross incompetence.
  5. Ian

    Liverpool VAR

    No, that would only be accurate to a few metres at very best. Perhaps VAR might consider dual-frequency receivers
  6. Ian

    Liverpool VAR

    It's **** - they're using standard frame rate cameras, which are rarely in line with play and interpolating the rest. When you see them zooming into a mess of pixels (seems the cameras are not high resolution either), drawing a line where they THINK the players' armpit/knee/toe is, and factoring in the lack of high frame rate cameras to determine exactly when the ball was played, the actual margin of error must be far greater than the level of precision they are claiming when making the decisions. It is not the fault of the technology per se, but they simply should not be using it when decisions are so marginal - precision does not equal accuracy. Makes me think the powers that be were expecting this to be a perfect system with millimetre accuracy, where the underlying technology does not seem to make that possible. Blame has to lie with the governing bodies who obviously didn't test the technology thoroughly enough before implementing it in this fashion this season.
  7. Wow, I thought it was Onel for a minute...
  8. I think it is a combination of there being less pressure on the team when playing the better sides (whatever people say we have a relatively young and inexperienced squad at this level), and that we are also physically not a big side. Teams that rely on that physicality tend to simply out muscle us, which was even more obvious when we didn't have Zimbo and Tettey in the side.
  9. Ian


    To be fair, it was a terrible ball to him from Hernandez, miles behind him.
  10. Ian

    Bring on the top teams

    I also think the players probably feel less pressure when playing against the top teams. The weight of expectation when playing those around us has probably led to more silly errors.
  11. Ian

    Farke's fortitude

    The only explanation is that he is an excellent, intelligent coach, and his team are doing a consistently impressive job.
  12. Ian

    Complete Bulls***

    I think that's right @Jim Smith - VAR not only seems to be poorly implemented - but it is really highlighting the inadequacies of some of the laws of the game when technology is available to apply these to the letter of the law. Taking aside the obvious technicality of the encroachment rule, it's difficult to fathom that Aarons boot-toe and chest encroaching within the 18-yard box a tenth of a second before the ball is kicked would actually have had a material impact on whether he would have cleared the ball or not, in much the same way it is difficult to understand how an attacker's knee being a centimetre ahead of a defender's leg would grant them a substantial advantage in terms of an offside call. I feel that not only is VAR taking away the referee's judgement and moving it to a faceless computer operator, but it is actually really underlining the poor nature of some of the laws of the game - there's no doubt that the game actually seems to be suffering (overall) as a spectator sport as a result of this. I often find that I don't fully celebrate a goal at Carrow Road these days because there's still a chance some sort of tenuous infringement may be discovered.
  13. I think our 3-1 victory will be the final nail...
  14. Your trolling seems to be getting more desperate.
  15. A few guys who sit behind me at the game like to single out someone for criticism, and whilst it was initially Vrancic last season, without question Todd is the scapegoat this term. From Krul's comments I'm assuming it's not just limited to Block D of the Barclay, and it really is an odd phenomenon as to why some players always seem to get unfairly slated by the crowd. However, if you actually look at Todd's end product this season he is one of our top performers, a young local lad, and from our academy. Just can't understand why he would be a boo boy. Envy?
  16. Ian

    Villa interested in Emi

    Big spending Villa, despite stuffing us sit only 1 point better off, albeit with a game in hand. I would certainly be sweating it if I was Dean Smith.
  17. Sir Bean! (ignoring the r and the y)
  18. Agreed, I genuinely don't understand the point - I think there's a massive misunderstanding of what Cantwell offers. Vrancic is a fantastic, languid midfielder, but almost the polar opposite of Cantwell as a player.
  19. How many goals has Emi scored this season? Did you see when he came on he gave the ball away on the edge of the penalty area AGAIN with just a few minutes to go, only we got away with it this time? Cantwell was arguably MoM today, well up there in our top 3 performers.
  20. Yeah, Hoolahan used to do similar things too. Yet he never really seemed to get the same level of criticism as our local lad from Dereham. I wonder why?
  21. He really wanted that goal, great story for him and Zimbo today. Incredible to think Christoph was considering quitting football for teaching not very long ago, and has now marshalled his team to a clean sheet away at one of England's biggest clubs. Love this club.
  22. Great away performance, and very well deserved 3 points. Should bring so much confidence after a torrid run too. So good to see us clear the ball and put in professional fouls rather than get caught on the break.
  23. Well done to all those who predicted Zimmermann wouldn't make much of a difference
  24. Ian

    The fabled academy

    Indeed, I couldn't really be bothered to type out the few words it would have taken to show the ridiculousness of his argument. Sad.