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  1. to me that looks like a picture taken when the jarrold was first put up.
  2. [quote user="Kangaroo Court"]Turner also looks like a bundle of laughs...[/quote]Turner looks like Bastian Schweinsteiger, who also looks like a bundle of laughs....
  3. [quote user="chicken"][quote user="Xavid Fox"]Booklet has pretty much the same opinions as me. Hughton is a Championship manager at best. You can see why Newcastle got rid. They wanted to progress,[/quote] And where were Newcastle when they sacked him? Hughton has proven twice that he is more than good enough for the championship and shown he can hold his own in the Prem too. Just look at the response he got from the Newcastle fans and players, along with some of the players that have come here to play for him. Quality managers build from the back first. Red nap, Fergie, Wenger, Hodgson and many more. And please don''t tell me Lambert is better when he has arguably a far better attacking line up and yet plays Benteke up from on his own too and still isn''t out of trouble. Get behind our chaps.[/quote]This guy gets it, spot on mate. Get behind, or get out.
  4. [quote user="booklet"]Has everyone abandoned the idea of ever using the diamond? I appreciate Hughton will never use it, so it''s almost pointless talking about, but we''ve become preoccupied with either 4-4-1-1 or occasionally 4-4-2. I wouldn''t advocate the diamond, or any other formation, to be used constantly, but I like it as a change because i think it is more aggressive and more likely to result in scoring goals and winning games. I know it will mean more losses and more goals conceded as well. What players would people like with the diamond? I''d be happy to have a lot more rotation in the side, like we did under Lambert. It keeps the players on their toes and makes you far less predictable to the opposition. I don''t want to bash Hughton too much...well maybe i do, but I loathe his approach to the game. We are in an acceptable position in the league, but I think in the long run he will be a disaster (I really hope i''m wrong). His style would make far more sense when you only got 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw, but since wins are so valuable under the current system, surely it makes more sense to try and win games and not simply trying not to lose them. Take the Liverpool away game. That was, as the United game will be, to all intents and purposes a free game. Noone is expecting you to get a result. So why just play passive, negative football? I liken it to a boxing match. If your the Champ and the rank outsider is up against you, how do you want him to box? You want him to be timid and allow you to dominate. The last thing you really want is him to come out swinging, because although most of the time you will be able to exploit him leaving himself open, there will be the odd occasion where he lands a lucky punch. I''m not saying Norwich need to play kamikaze football, but in those types of games what is there to lose? Away from home, Norwich over the years have had good times and bad times. When we''ve won, was it when we played attacking or defensive football? Hughton is attempting to to turn Norwich into a 1-0 side. Whilst I''m pleased the defence looks a bit better, what is the cost? Norwich have never been and I don''t think ever will be a 1-0 side. When we finsihed 3rd in Premier League, won the Championship, got 2 successive promotions, finished 12th in the Prem what style did we employ! I think that i''ve laboured that point enough now. I am getting bored of Hughton singing the praises of the opposition. After the Fulham game he came on and said how wonderful Fulham are. Fulham, away from home, are a poor, unadventurous side that were there for the taking. He said it was a risk to bring on Kamara with 3 minutes to go...I''m sorry but that it just beyond feeble. Away at Liverpool, we weren''t playing well enough to bring on a second striker...so the best option was to pose no attacking threat and get spanked 5-0. Lastly, I hate the way he leaves players out for ages, plays them for 20 minutes, they don''t play well and he then, falsely, confirms to himself that these players are not good enough. How can he have taken a side that played as they did last year with largely the same players and turned into the dross that we saw v Newcastle, Luton and Fulham. Not sure why Mcnally appointed the anti Lambert, but he did and it would be unfair to sack him. Are you looking forward to Hughton''s reign? Would you give him 15-20 millin in the summer? I don''t want to be negative, because I think we have some really good players, but the last the manner of the performances recently has been depressing. Rant over.[/quote] did we play negative football in the wins against Arsenal and Man u at home this season? playing the 4-4-1-1?? I agree playing two strikers is wise, even playing the diamond on occasion could work for us very well, depending on the opposition though. Will you bash Hughtons managerial style and the 4-4-1-1 if it keeps us in the league? What about IF we beat united away, playing the same team and formation who beat them at Carrow Road? In either of these situations can you really continue to criticize his style, certainly if it wins us 6 points in the league against Man u.
  5. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Lets do away with Goal music, we should do what they do in the NFL, start announcing the players individually around 35 minutes before kick off with their own choice of music etc... Fire works, bring them in on the back of a motor bike...[/quote]Ive actually heard before of teams in the prem and other leagues in England (I think  man city may have done 1/2 seasons ago not really sure) did something where the players got to choose the music played during the warm up, i assume they take it in turns or take it in turns in groups of 2 or 3 to make a play list. I think this could be good, bit of variety in music for a change, could end up with someone picking out some right classics that might get a few people a bit more active before the game and build a bit of an atmosphere for the players to walk out to because i think they''d rather hear that than any walk out music
  6. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="wes the wizzard"]just to clear things up when i say F*ck off to people like Bor, I mean it in a literal sense, not to offend.  [/quote]Let me clarify that - you tell people to f*ck off but don''t mean any offence?[/quote]FINE, i mean it in a literal sense, not JUST to offend .... jheeeze!personally having a Kretin like Bor being part of Norwich''s community, is much more of an offense to me than someone telling me to fuck off. but that''s me, Im sure there are some that agree with him, in fact i know there will be, canary call anyone?
  7. This post has clearly been written by one of the most backwards bumpkin worzel gummidge wannabees. "ooo arr i been dun told somthin i heard ont news so it must be the roight thing to do boy" Fuc*ing do one, reds under the bed??? what about all the nukes USA and UK had hmm??? what about this guy?? http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/oct/27/vasili-arkhipov-stopped-nuclear-war  Yeah he seems like a blood thirsty commie ready for war dosnt he?? If you want a reagan, bush, thatcher blair, in terms of a football manager you end up with paul shambert, a capitalist fat cat with no intentions other than his own, and will trample on anyone and anything (including us e.g trying to sue us for 2 mil) to get to "the top" If you have a problem with hughton you might aswell f*ck off, hes a real football manager who wants us playing good decent football not just a punt and hope for the best attitude. Hes building greatness here and if your blind to that go move down south and bum mick mcfarty
  8. posts like this one here from nutty nigel need to be kept going, so they still appear on the message board so its there for him and everyone to see. fuc*ing doom mongerer 3 games in and we were going down, get real you mong.
  9. I think hes an awsome siging, i know everyone seems to turn their noses up at SPL players saying they havnt got the quality to play in the EPL but id highly disagree, at least if you play for celtic/rangers you are in one of the best teams in the league and there for other teams to try beat you, you will have played in europe at some point, not to mention playing for celtic/rangers is obviously going to condition you for tough games and how to play in diferent kind of atmospheres created by the fans (hostile/dead)  all good experience if you ask me. Not to mention hes going to be busting a gut to play for us, this is a make or break move for him, for any rangers player thats moved on to be fair, because even though they are now in the scottish 3rd div, they are/were one of the biggest teams in the world, and you cant move from one of the biggest teams in the world to another. just to find yourself being phased out of that team and eventually fading away all together to play, well in the scottish 3rd division!! I beleive we will see the best out of whittaker and would say theres plenty more to come from him!Any defender who has got the nuts to go on like this when given the chance has got my vote too : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mv26UQV64Vo
  10. [quote user="Mungo Bumpkin"]Wes, have you actually seen "Butters" play? I''m guessing not. Struggled to make an impact against Scunny or Donny. Weak, ineffective and hopelessly out of his depth. He''ll definitely do a job for someone. Probably an unspeakably grim town oop north struggling to maintain their league status. I wish the lad well and don''t suppose we''ll be seeing him again.[/quote]I did see him play yes, against Doncaster. And of his performance that day i was pretty impressed, hes barely in his twentys but he was all over the pitch, getting back on the wings to defend, putting decent crosses/passes in and he has the confidence to take on players and then shoot from either foot . from distance effectively. Fair play it was against Doncaster, but. if that is how he plays, that is how he''l want to play in the prem, whether he can fully reach that level , obviously only time can tell but im sure he''l give it all hes got to get there.
  11. Pretty sure hes back for the villa home game. After a few full 90 minute matches under his belt i think hel be ready and raring to get at em and make a difference to get us through to the semis, then we''ll see if people want to wave bye bye to butterfield. I cant see how anyone would want to get rid of him so soon, weve not even had him here a year, he''s quite obviously been brought in to be in the side for cover and to play through in the cup games to get near enough full matches playing for us, during which time he''l pick up vital skills and hopefully the love and the desire to play for the shirt like the rest of the team. A player like him, young, talented has been given a chance to play in the premier league, do you not think hel put a decent shift in to try and impress when he can? because i think thats the whole idea of aquiring players like him, its for the benifit of his and our future in this league.
  12. how about a mix-up on a chant suggested before (to the theme of agadoo) Seb ba-song-song-song, never gets a tackle wrong Seb ba-song-song-song, he got caught with a batonin his car, in london, just in case of an attack, Now that hes a norwich boy weve all got his F*****G back! I dont think the last two verses are that great but id love to hear the first two coming from the stands!!! think hed love it aswell, bit of baton banter! :P
  13. Great goal from a set peice, solid case for our back four being real premier league quality yet again today.Garrido to Bassong with a "little" help from "little" Ryan Bennett great link up!Won me 22 squid off a pound bet for bassong to score aswell good ol boy!
  14. [quote user="barclaystand"][quote user="joeb123"]exacly what i was thinking, theres an area for the away fans, and if you know FOR FACT that people who are away fans are sitting in our areas, you are as much to blame,  dont see how it can "get your goat" when you are in a prime position to drop these plastic W*****s in the S**t??[/quote]FFS. Why the hell am I to blame for them buying seats???!I don''t know the supermembers personally, therefore unable to drop them in it, but everything else I stated above I do know "For Fact"  [/quote] How you can state you hate somthing with a passion, yet at the same time allow it. THAT is what gets MY goat.im sure if you arnt a plastic and go to games you could point them out. i do whenever i see a non norwich fan in the home areas. F**k ''em they should either buy an away fan ticket or support their local team like a real fan, they wont do the latter, so its the end of the jarrold or nadda!
  15. exacly what i was thinking, theres an area for the away fans, and if you know FOR FACT that people who are away fans are sitting in our areas, you are as much to blame,  dont see how it can "get your goat" when you are in a prime position to drop these plastic W*****s in the S**t??
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