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  1. We''re wearing our yellow and green shirts against Hitchin and they will be wearing a special shirt in their original colours of magenta and white halves. http://www.hitchintownfc.co.uk/articles/150_Years/20150608033001047824.shtml "A football kit in the original Hitchin FC colours of magenta and white halves has been specially commissioned and will be worn by the Hitchin Town players against Norwich City and subsequently auctioned."
  2. Hopefully the £700ish fee for fines and costs, not to mention the potential of a banning order, will put others off taking flares to games. That bloody smoke gets right into your throat. They''re not big and not clever. OTBC
  3. It''ll probably be unveiled at the Norfolk Show like we used to do.
  4. Very good question there by Barclay Seats..  A good breakfast is essential to set you up for the day and as we all know what goes must come out. As a fairly seasoned away game traveller I feel the need to let those who don''t usually travel know the correct away game dumping ettiquette...If travelling on Club Canary then the toilets really ought to only be used for number ones. Please avoid dumping in there for the benefit of the rest of the travelling Yellow army, we all need our lungs to be in tip-top shape for singing, so have a poo before you leave home.A completely different set of rules apply if travelling away on a train that goes via ipswich. Dumping on the train is obligatory, however accurate timing is critical. You must do your business in time to have a flush at ipswich station.Bear in mind the football specials on Monday aren''t stopping at the suffolk cesspit so you need to be accurate with the flush.Unfortunately the chance to leave a log in ipswich is going to stop soon as Abellio Greater Anglia are refurbishing the trains with loos that flush into tanks instead of onto the tracks. Bloody kill-joys.
  5. The normal procedure for lost away tickets is call NCFC ticket office, then go to the away ticket office on the day with ID and collect your re-print. I would assume it''s the same on the matchday if for example you lose your ticket before you get to Wembley. However if you lose it when you are around the Wembley area I''d get yourself into a ticket office there asap before someone gets a chance to use your ticket.
  6. Just one ticket left all on it''s own. Poor thing, someone buy it and make it feel wanted.
  7. Yeah, always stop at the A17 Farm shop café, regardless of the final destination.
  8. In such situations I''d say send the player off, and give the goal that would have been. The penalty could end up being saved after all.
  9. I hope we don''t have anyone going to the Blue Check Café.....
  10. The last line of the article says a lot... "It''s obvious that he''s become a fan of the club since taking over."It''s a sad part of modern football that so many of the people who take over football clubs aren''t fans of the club nor have any emotional connection to it when they invest. I know some on here don''t like Delia and Co, but I think we''re lucky to have them. A far better option than someone like Evans or a random foreigner being in charge here.
  11. You''ll be very lucky to get one at all, let alone at face value. You''d have to pay off my mortgage and buy me a couple of pints to get mine! [:)]
  12. Did the photographer ask them to stand in single file to make the queue look longer???
  13. I''ve got two tickets together... And they''re in the lower Barclay.I might consider selling the tickets for £75 on one condition.... You pay off my mortgage first! [;)]
  14. If you''re on a PC you should just be able to click the PM icon below this text. Not sure if it''s the same on a mobile device though. I''ve just sent you a quick pm as well.
  15. Just bumping this up the forum. Still looking for a ticket if anyone can help....
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