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  1. For me he has to go. We are dreadful in every single game at least in the last pl season before COVID there were a few games when we played well and were quite unlucky not to get a result. And even then after the op restart disaster I was happy to give him a bit more time as the squad that season clearly wasn’t up to scratch. However he’s been backed in the transfer window by the club now and we look even worse than last time round. We are doomed as soon as we go behind (that stat in itself is horrendous as any game we go behind at the moment we are losing), we do not look like scoring at all and defensively we are awful. We are back to playing chris hughton football and tbf to him at least he managed to get the odd half decent result against the top teams, farkes rhetoric just seems to be that any game against the big boys is a lost cause. I am completely fed up with this team at the moment we are a laughing stock. I haven’t been to a game since feb last year, I’ve got a ticket for Leeds and I hate to say it but I am not looking forward to it at all. We cannot keep going on like this, any other club would have sacked him by now. The club has been ruthless in getting rid of fan favourites when the time is right to supposedly make the team better (turnbull, Vrancic, steipi all come to mind) that same mindset needs to now be applied to the manager. We have a few favourable games now a fresh face is needed to try and maximise any points we take. Thankyou for the good times mr farke but it’s time to go. PS Any happy clappers Who want to tell me to stay positive and to stop being negative can do one
  2. Evening all last minute change at work means I’m off tomorrow and looking to go West Ham away as it’s one of the remaining pl grounds I haven’t been too I will buy a ticket in home end if need be but would rather get one in home end so could someone message me if there’s one going, can meet outsife ground somewhere or at Liverpool Street station. And before anyone says anything I’m no plastic fan I know there’s burnley tickets still available I already have one 😉
  3. Is this still for sale, just pmd you let me know if it’s still going?
  4. I always thought he would have been a safe pair of hands. I was really impressed with performances under him, genuinely think if we would have got ride of Neil earlier and had him for longer I think we would have been in with more of a shout for play offs
  5. Non football related but got a notice of intended prosecution today for going through no entry sign coming off Europa way onto Martineau land heading out of city after the Preston game. Like many I park down Europa way (where travis Perkins, Ben burgess are across the road from county hall) and have done for years on the road as it’s free road parking. However like many I take the shortcut through the no entry sign rather than driving back towards the colmans/country hall roundabout. Have done this for years and never had a problem so just wondering if anyone has been issued one of these notices at all? It also says “detected by means other than ACD” which I’m assuming means someone grassed me up or old bill we’re hiding away somewhere recording everyone going that way. Again hence why I’m interested if anyone else got a letter as I know loades of people do it every home game. Guess I’ll just have to take the long way round from now on anyway :(. Anyone know what punishment is for this sort of offence normally? Is it just a fine or is it likely to points aswell?
  6. I had a feeling last year the club were heading for yet another long spell of championship mediocrity. It all felt abit 2005/06 last season did, Decent squad on paper yet underperforming,manager clearly struggling yet kept on. Now it feels like history is repeating itself. For those that don''t remember in 2007 in the glorious days of Peter grants management we bought a load of sub standard Scottish, European and Englishplayers no one had really ever heard of, the likes of Julian brellier, David strihavka, Ian Murray. All hyped up and yet all disasters and sold a few months later. Always worried me that this summers batch of intakes was the same, whilst I know the top division of bundeslga is decently standard are the lower leagues the same? I mean Timm klose played for one of the best teams in Germany and even he struggled with the championship at times last season and I mean Is playing for Dortmunds reserves going to be anywhere near the same intensity as playing in this league. I''m not saying I''m writing off this lot already but feels like my fears are being confirmed, I just hope they can prove me wrong as don''t want the same rubbish we had back then. I''m just ranting a bit here I know but frustrating as we''ve been here before. I really thought we''d learnt lessons and after 4/5 years in prem there''s no way we should be in this sort of position. Southampton went down to league 1 with us in 08/09 and look where they are now. Yes I know they have wealthy owners but still they are light years ahead of us and it''s a tad annoying. I fear we''re in for a long spell in this league and all the work of mcnally and lambert is being thrown away
  7. Have said for a long time now but this season really reminds me of the 05/06 season under worthy. Back then the squad was definitely weaker yes we had Ashton huckerby mckenzie green but we also had Jurgen Colin, peter Thorne etc etc. But to the point we were still expected to well back in that season, home form was ok but away form was dire. We got pasted at teams like Luton, qpr and reading away and at home whilst we beat average teams concincingly any half decent team put in front of us would easily beat us away. Worthy should have been gone in autumn but we''d get the odd good result we''d give him more time and we were out of play off race by March majority knew worthy should have gone but board decided to give him more time. Next season came along same old story and he was gone after that horror show against Burnley. Unfortunately rot had set in deeply and it took us 3 more years and relegation to league 1 to recover. Now read the above and compare it to this season and I see similarities. Good wins against poor teams, trouncings away to play off teams, losses away to crap sides like burton and Rotherham, manager clearly incompetent and not supported by players or supporters. But I actually think this season has been worse. Squad has far more quality on paper and cost far more than back then and the defeats have been shocking. I''ve been to some bad away games in my time as most Norwich fans will have done but my 3 worst have been this season. 5-0 to Brighton was dire, then losing 2-1 to a Rotherham team with 3 wins all season was bad. But honestly my worst away day supporting Norwich was burton. Team that day cost in excess of 31 million and we lose to a team costing half a million if that I suspect My point is I worry that the same is happening now and the decision to keep an is going to once again set us back light years in a game that is even more competitive and money orientated than 10 years ago. As a club we just never ever learn from mistakes
  8. Being a sunderland fan must be so frustrating. Can anyone remember a season in recent years when they havnt been fighting relegation as I''m struggling? Strange considering the potential with such a Big stadium and the amount of money they seem to spend each year
  9. I see your point but if that''s the case why release a statement saying we are going to appoint manager within the week? Board now made to look weak in my opinion at a time when they need to regain fans trust after the way hughton situation was handled
  10. Interesting to norwich supporting sun journo charlie Wyett posting on twitter that Lennon to Norwich was unlikely to happen and that we should expect announcement next week. Not sure if he''s got contacts from within the club, disappointing if what he''s saying is true in the sense that Lennon would have been a good statement of intent on our part whilst it''s disappointing not to see an appointment made by the end of the week as promised.
  11. Went to watch a league when I was out in oz a couple of years ago. By far the worst game of football I have ever had the misfortune of watching, have seen better football on show watching Lowestoft. Awful, cheap and extremely risky appointment were it to happen and would derail any chance we have of coming back up immediately.
  12. Surely just another Felix magath? Might be successful in Germany but no experience in England and no knowledge of championship. Would be way to much of a risky appointment for me
  13. Have to admit I didn''t see any point to playing him. Might have played ok in last few games but very little chance of him coming back I suspect so seemed a bit pointless to me.
  14. I''m 50/50 on him. On the face of things he''s kept them going steadily and has brought in youngsters into the team at the same time, something you have to give him credit for when I suspect he''s under pressure to play all the summer signings. However speaking to spurs fans I know have heard he can be tactically naive and doesn''t tend to have a plan b (sound familiar?) and they do seem to get thumped every time they play any of the big boys, whilst spurs were very un impressive at carrow road this season. He is also a loose cannon and can''t help but feel he would bring bad headlines as he did at spurs. I think he would be interested as he''s not going to get a pl job and I with previous links with Norwich and half decent squad think this would attract him. Still would be risky appointment for me, need a safe pair of hands!!
  15. Definite no, would bring bad headlines to the club. Let''s not forgot that when he was at charlton he took them from premier league to league 1 in a couple of years.
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