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  1. Selling out to Chinese investors with no connection to the area or the club sounds just a bit desparate. Money certainly helps but no guarantee of success. In football, as in life, success is earned not bought.
  2. Lambert''s gone never to be seen near Carrow Road again. Next.
  3. Well put "Faded Jaded etc.." There are no easy answers and the simple truth is that we''re not quite good enough for the PL this season. If we do go down I expect AN still to be in charge next season with the job of rebuilding the squad from back to front. To many posters on here, the best managers are those out of work and the best players are those not in the squad.  Oh, if it were that simple. 
  4. And what good does sacking the manager do FFS. It was the players who let the 2-0 advantage go not the manager. Is it half term ?
  5. Interesting to venture on here occasionally to take the temperature of NCFC fans. The idea that West Ham could be AN''s last match in charge is plain daft. The board backed AN substantially this January because they believe he is one for the long term and I believe they are right. Hull and Burnley went down and they''ve sensibly stuck with their managers and it''s paying off. The idea that you can bring in someone (Pearson, for example) who will immediately turn things around is for the fairies. The reality is that we have to get behind the team and do our bit to make sure that at the season''s end we finish no lower than 17th place. There is no magic solution. We get out of this by backing the club and the manager.  
  6. I thought he could but I''m beginning to have my doubts. This is certainly the biggest test he''s faced in his short managerial career.  I still think he has it within him to become a good manager, and the club should stick with him, but he needs decent support because, among other things, the constant team changes and strange tactical substitutions are not helping. What''s more worrying for me is the lack of zip and aggression in our approach. Tottenham man for man are better than us, but you would expect us to try to compensate by a greater work rate and closing down and making life difficult. But I didn''t see much of that tonite, especially in the first half. A gap is opening up between us and the group above so Saturday really is a must win.
  7. Probably better to concern ourselves with matters on the pitch than worry about the composition of our board. If we had some of the people in charge of football clubs these days I would worry but happily our board is made up of people who love the club. Of course you could always move your support down the road if you''re seriously concerned but me I''m happy to put my trust in people who have long experience of running a football club and who for the most part have done a very good job. When does school start again ?
  8. Well said a1. Some NCFC fans need to get a grip. Transfers are not like buying sweeties off a shelf. They need a player that wants to come here, and a club that''s willing to sell. I expect either or both were factors in some of our targets not coming to Carrow Road. And possibly the fact that we''re a newly promoted side with a young and relatively inexperienced manager may have played a part too. It wasn''t so long ago that many supporters were questioning Johnson''s abilities. He did great for us in the Champs but he was well down the pecking order after AN brought in midfield reinforcements. So a good deal for the club, and great respect to Johnson for not wanting to be a bench warmer. I''m confident we''ll stay up but it doesn''t help when our supporters just criticise and see conspiracy theories everywhere. Perhaps you would rather change places with QPR or Ipswich supporters.
  9. I think you''d be better spending your time completing your homework before you go back to school. You either support NCFC or not.
  10. As exciting as your company promising you a brand new Audi and then passing you off with a clapped out Ford Fiesta.
  11. Not the best day at the office and the balance of play inevitably changed after Whittaker''s needless sending off.  We need to bring in reinforcements but we won''t be spending stupid money. As AN has said for us it''s about team spirit and that money can''t buy. A chance over the international break  - how pointless are they - to put some things right and bed new players in in time for that small team on the south coast  - Bournemouth. 
  12. It was good under Lambert while it lasted but never look back. Given time AN will do an equally good job.  Doubt PL will be troubling the food banks any time soon.
  13. You need to get out more. Do your homework, go for a run, play a game of squash, do some DIY whatever. We really don''t need any pointless posts about PL. He''s history, gone, never to come back. And, oh, his team lost 5-0 today to Arsenal.
  14. Thanks for taking the trouble, as always, to post a report for those of us who weren''t able to be there. Lets hope we can kick on when Phelan arrives tomorrow.
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