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  1. Speaking to Holmesdale Radio, Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish has explained why he could not accept offers for the sale of striker Dwight Gayle on the last day of the transfer window. He said: “We did have a late bid from Norwich, but we couldn’t really take it seriously on the last day of the transfer window. We’ve got a lot of injuries in our strike force at the moment. Dwight is an important part of what we are doing as well and once Glenn [Murray] had gone there was no possibility of Dwight going anywhere.” Glenn Murray left Palace to sign with Bournemouth early on transfer deadline, and Parish has admitted that the sale of the forward was the reason as to why Gayle was not allowed to leave the club. This is despite the forward, 25, being the centre of interest for much of the summer, and even being the subject of two bids on deadline day. Parish has confirmed that Norwich City made an approach for Gayle on the final day of the window, whilst it was reported by Sky Sports that Aston Villa had a bid rejected as well. Both bids from Villa and Norwich were rejected, and it is likely that if they had approached Palace earlier in the summer, Gayle would now be turning out at either Villa Park or Carrow Road.
  2. i take it you not read the west ham forums....aknowleging that getting rid of jarvis was best piece of bsiness this year...hmm..dont be lazy now
  3. lets hope - that the board get arrested for pocketing cash not theirs that jarvis wage is 4.5k a week and not 45k that our defence doesnt concede more then 100 goals that next year we push for promotion again in Championship
  4. he played until they found a replacement for the washed out cleaner..slowwwwwwwwwww
  5. everyone has a bad game, unfortunately AN thought because Bradley played bad once that it was going to be same through the season..too quick to judge i think but AN is starting to show flaws.. When the goals start flying in for Derby i want to see the ones who are saying good business start commenting then....as for value yes 10m after add ons but he should still be a city player
  6. if as you say we have no money then why were we bidding for 11m players, and more then one at a time..no the money is there, its just greed on the boards part not to part with any part of the cash that was part of promotion..do you have that part now?
  7. and this is why west ham have him picking up garbage rather then play him? if he was that good they would be playing him not send him out to rival PL team, they did that to lower the wasted 45k a week wage ..who wants to pay a cleaner 45k a week..
  8. POTS should not have been sold..wtf ..are you that dumb to know that, if you managed any team would you sell the player who did most to get you promoted..no his move if he requested it should have been blocked just as all the ones we bid for were blocked by their managers, but we have a Yes Yes sale policy. For me..Bradley over Tetty anytime, one who doesnt score for one who scores regulary...logic speaks here
  9. lol correction..''he was'' and that was once or twice i recall and no impact on either game, since then his valuation has dropped from 10m down to 1.5m so you do the maths on that and the why...
  10. yup agreed, other clubs managed to attrack great defenders...we couldnt even attract a fair one..either that or we knew they wouldnt join us...''''the fans are blind'''' yells the board...''''feed em tripe they wont mind '''' yells Delia in the background..
  11. um we sent out voo..a much better player with less wages, we sent out RVW again someone on much lower wages who looked a different class player then one we seen last time in the PL, he looked up for it, we already have murphy who can operate as cover on the left we never needed jarvis on 45K a week!! So now we have a bench warmer on 45k a week...nice business like not!
  12. Koulibaly 11m we offered 9.5m thats 1.5m to cover which is peanuts for a PL team...bids were made to please fans but knowingly would fail, this board is out to make money for themselves thats it..retirement fund
  13. to which team do you refer to ..palace who are not much better or southampton who despite having a lot of problems at the time never found us to be one of them...
  14. Jarvis loan details revealed Posted by Hammers Newshound on September 2, 2015 in News, Whispers matt-jarvis-445545Matty Jarvis 11th hour transfer deadline day loan deal to Norwich City will save West Ham £1.75m over the season. Although the Hammers have paid a total of £7.5m in loan fees on top of wages for in demand players like Alex Song, Victor Moses, Manuel Lanzini and Carl Jenkinson, no such loan fee could be agreed with Norwich for Jarvis services. However, Norwich will be paying 100% of the player’s £45,000 per week wages.
  15. oh i''m over the moon about it..at least we may win a few games..something to cheer about unlike last sunday..or were you not much of a supporter you failed to watch the match??
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