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  1. KoromaCrab

    Official Huddersfield Thread

    what''s the best link for a stream tonight?
  2. KoromaCrab


    Well he would say that, wouldn''t he?
  3. KoromaCrab

    Team for Villa

    which clause?
  4. Ruddy to score a 96th minute overhead kick from the edge of the area!
  5. KoromaCrab

    New coffee partnership.

    maybe the board is hinting that the players should drink more coffee before a match
  6. KoromaCrab

    graham alexander anyone

    It would be interesting to know if they were his signings, and if not who would eh have preferred.
  7. KoromaCrab

    Official QPR Match Thread

    1-0 poor defending
  8. KoromaCrab

    Official QPR Match Thread

    red card for Olsson and Tettey booked
  9. Carpet Call could be useful for the red carpet.
  10. will there be any streams showing the game tonight?
  11. KoromaCrab

    Everton match thread

    fantastic - thanks Morty!
  12. KoromaCrab

    Everton match thread

    what''s a good site for a stream?
  13. KoromaCrab

    Alan Shearer Statue

    has to be RVW after he scored that header against Everton

    "Club record signing scores on home debut"
  14. KoromaCrab

    Bruce or Lambert?