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  1. I'm officially an older person in July I turn 65, am I right in assuming that I will qualify for a discounted season ticket this time around, season ticket holder of 16 years
  2. Appears there have been a few at carra rud recently
  3. Cantwell has made absolute mugs of Norwich fans, we spend hard earned cash which allows him his privileged lifestyle, he decides that he cannot be bothered to train, therefore the coach doesn't include him in the team, we needed him at his best this season, but he let's everyone down. As well as wasting money on his salary the club has probably lost circa 20 mill transfer fee. Whatever the reasons, he is a well paid professional footballer,.......good bloody riddance
  4. Absolutely fuming with that utterly spoilt brat, taking a large amount of money from the club & doing fxu% all for it.....please get rid....he can find another bird up north
  5. well, city finally won!! & then sacked Farke...not surprised, I have my own theory. Signs a new 4 year deal, Webber spends £50 million on average players, Farke thinks, can't do much with this lot, fallen out with cantwell, not playing gilmour . Not walking away from 4 year contract. Farke starts making negative comments about not having a chance against top teams, decision made to sack him before Brentford game, Webber has a new management team lined up Beat Brentford. Farke gone !!
  6. Just don't think playing out from the back 80% of the time is the way to go, we're getting closed down & robbed far too easily, if we're going to persist with that then we need to be quicker. Also not getting bodies forward quick enough, keep hearing that we'll learn lessons....when? Keep making same mistakes
  7. Ward prowse goes to spurs?? Skipp comes back to Norwich???
  8. Liverpool playing yet another game tonight...so how come ( even considering Covid) we're so poorly prepared, asking for trouble!!!
  9. Pink has not had a decent article for a few days, only thing coming out of carra is the new kit. Could they be holding onto something????
  10. Greetings, I'm still looking for the green & white shirt 2010 ish , willing to part with a fair price, preferably large or x large & good condition
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