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  1. I liked what I saw but you can''t judge him on ten minutes against a team that''s trying to score a goal to get back in a game so were open. If I recall kei kamara looked equally as good on his first sub appearance. If he turns out to be grabban n Jerome rolled into one then great but I suspect he''s more Lafferty n grabban but let''s judge him after 10 games.
  2. I do agree fans can be fickle up to a point but football is an emotive sport of extremes. highs and lows. A good goal is always 1 of the best ever and a miss 1 of the worst ever but as much as we are fickle at times other times we are incredibly unbelievably loyal its just two sides of the same coin With the example u made Jerome has earnt our loyalty bciz he scored 20 goals and rarely misses sitters. Grabban often misses good chances even last season he scored 14 but his many of those were great finishes? Was it v Blackburn last season he scored twice but one was a rebound from his missed pen and the other a rebound from the keeper saving his first one on one attempt
  3. Without knowing exactly what''s gone on I guess, regardless of what ppl think, grabban has the same employment rights anyone else so it may be that the club are unable to comment on anything until after a disciplinary meeting has been had and a decision made. Obviously there will b delays and any meeting will need grabban and he will prob want his agent...maybe lawyer present too... I can only speculate but I''m sure we won''t here anything for a while other than the standard'' lewis has served his suspension and is now training with the squad and us available for selection,'' they will then either say the matter is closed in which case I suspect he will start v Bournemouth or they will say they can''t comment until the investigation is complete
  4. What ever happens we will never be Ipswich..which their fans are always happy to tell us (as if its a bad thing lol) They have had stability in the same league for what 15 years? We have had 3 relegations and 4 promotions in the same time... We will always have bad times but overall outside of the top 4 how many other teams have had as much success as us this century?
  5. Ok....so I think we all agree that the transfer window was a little disappointing and the biggest area that needed strengthening (in my opinion defence) has arguably been weakened,it certainly hasn''t been improved, but we are not the only team that struggled. Spurs failed to strengthen their attack. Arsenal got a gk and forgot about a DM or striker. Wba are stuck with their main goal threat refusing to play and their only saving grace is having pulis in charge. Bournemouth did strengthen but lost 2 big signings to injury. Watford arguably bought alot if good players but will probably take half a season if tinkering until they kno who makes their best team. It is not easy to improve your team. Clubs don''t want to sell.players may not want to sign. But.....if we stick together. If the players stuck together we are more than good enough to stay up. We just need to keep the faith. I''m not sure why but everyone seems to be expecting the Southampton performance to be the real Norwich and forgetting the previous 3games where we were at times brilliant and cld easily have 7 if not 9 points I still think we will be fine just asking as we keep the team spirit from the 2nd half of last season. Forget rumours and suspicions and just go by the facts we have started the season playing well. Out playing established sides...and we only need another 9 wins and 9 draws or equivalent. And can lose 16 more games and still stay up
  6. I''d love rvw to come good but the truth is he won''t. The way we play requires the lone forward to do a lot of hard work himself and to be strong enough to hold the ball up and keep possession or win possession by Harrying defenders. Rvw is a good player. Great touch n finesse and wld score in teams like man city where they can have the luxury of his type of player but in our team he would and does get lost. He can''t hold the ball up so we are constantly defending that''s just as much a part of y we were relegated as his lack of goals. I''d like to see him tried in a number 10 role behind Jerome as I think he wld b more suited in a wes position but I''d choose Hooper over him every time as a back up striker
  7. Walters wouldn''t b a bad squad player but to be honest we might as well go for Nolan now he''s a free. I''m sure he cld do as well if not better
  8. The irony is that grabban has always been Neils favoured striker. Last season grabban was picked ahead of Jerome despite numerous sub appearances and important goals and when he came back from injury grabban replaced Jerome again only to get sent off at Rotherham. The league cup early rounds are always used to give squad players games despite what managers say. In fact id b more worried as a player to be picked to start in a league cup game rather than b on the bench as back up as it implies you are expendable Grabbans work rate alone guarantees him regular games under Neil but he has maybe ruined his one chance of regular prem football now although if he stays I wouldn''t b surprised to see him start against Bournemouth as his chance of redemption similar to hoolahan v villa
  9. To be fair he probably had five attempts at getting on the coach but missed it every time... If true I hope he never plays for us again but don''t sell him to Bournemouth.
  10. That wld b a stunning deal if he''s to replace becchio but I''d rather keep hooper if its one or the other..maybe rvw is tempted by London :)
  11. Stupid question but would losing to Ipswich really be as bad as we imagine? Obviously it would be painful and gutting but I just wonder whether our own imagination of what it would be like is much worse than how bad the scummers cld make it . I imagine its something I''d never get over. The thought of losing makes me wake feeling sick. But if whoever wins then loses in the final the pain may only last 2 weeks. I know I''m talking jibberish really I just need reassurance I guess. I''m very needy. I try to be optimistic but football fans r a little paradoxical (maybe a new word) every august starts full of optimism that this is our year yet we worry about every single game. They could do a Luton on us..
  12. When i started watching in 1987 Kevin drinkell was nearing the end of his time with us, and we then bought Robert Fleck from Glasgow rangers Flecky became my favourite player and my first city legend, Followed by Bryan Gunn
  13. Also, i have not checked it myself but i read that after all the ins and outs we are actully £1mil better off still
  14. the loan system is rubbish. Its like chelsea stock piling all the young foreign talent and then loaning them out continually until they are either good enough or eventually sold.
  15. wld be a good signing. Id pefer him to an Arsenal/man u reserve...
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