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  1. I''m sure I remember reading that McLean has played deeper at his previous club...is it possible he could be encouraged to sit between a CDM and Leitner to add to attack and defence when needed. The key is balancing defensive nous and attacking threat. For my money, that would be Godfrey and Thompson as an old fashioned pairing - one more defensive and one box to box, with Leitner in front roaming around. McLean could probably to the B2B role as well. Do we have time to try out all these combinations? Farke is sticking with tried and trusted experience at the moment.
  2. Where was this quote from? I can''t find it :(
  3. Reed has shown great desire, but I feel he lacks the height to replace Tettey if he leaves. The championship is such a physical league and that has mainly been our undoing this year. Whether Godfrey or Thompson are the answer that remains to be seen, but I would rather see money saved on Reed and go towards a striker.
  4. Maybe a better chance of a win tonight against a team in and around us, hope the boys are up for a fight though. Starting XI: Gunn; Pinto (c), Hanley, Klose, Stiepermann; Reed, Vrancic; Pritchard, Maddison, Watkins; Oliveira Lewis and Wildschut on the bench...COYY!!
  5. I''m a little confused I must admit. I thought the whole point of this exercise with Webber and Farke was that every player signed was identified for the sole purpose of fitting into Farke''s system (and being cheaper than whoever was here before) The argument that he doesn''t have the players to fit his system is silly to me as he chose all the new signings, surely you at least tweak the system to fit the players that are still at the club from last season. They knew who was staying and going months ago. We should have a system that works for Vrancic, for example, but we don''t seem to have a position or style that he can perform in. A strange signing if you ask me. Same for our wingers - we play them, but never to theirs or the starting striker''s strengths. If we have two pacy wingers, why aren''t we putting crosses in OR stretching defences with their pace?
  6. Reed and Trybul too small to cope with ipswich''s agricultural approach! Need to move Steipermann inside and bring Husband on at left back.
  7. Vrancic looked classy and put in his best performance yet tonight. When he has time to pick a pass it''s always a good one, but I think we just want to see him take a leaf out of the Trybull/Tettey book and put himself about a bit. He seems to go in half hearted for balls he could probably win, and that might help us win possession back a bit further up the field more often. Also thought Husband looked much better tonight...great team performance all round and a better balance of attack and defend.
  8. Wondering whether we''ll see a return to the 3-4-2-1...Farke might be tempted to revert to his original preferred formation against a team we''re all expecting to sit with 11 men behind the ball. Very dangerous though, considering the die hard defending witnessed on Saturday backed up with a result. I hope he sticks with it for tonight with minimal changes. If we can eventually take that attitude and desire and apply it to the the 3-4-2-1 formation Daniel will be a happy camper.
  9. Still shows a lack of leadership from Bilic asking Snoddy which side he wanted to play on. He should know his player''s favoured position, and should have a plan as to why he''s bringing him on in the first place.
  10. It''s a big turnaround on the board''s part, from saying that they want a manager for 10 years to completely restructuring the club and getting rid of the job! Would be interesting to know who convinced them to change it, maybe Hodgson?
  11. I think it''s just that Ruddy is 6''9 or something like that, so Micky McG looks rather tiny in comparison.
  12. I thought Wes slowed the game down against Reading, when we needed to get the ball forward ASAP to make the most of Jerome''s pace (as was the manager''s plan anyway). I love Wes, but he does delay passing a lot rather than releasing his man. Still better than Naismith whose overhit pass to Oliveira on the break last night I couldn''t believe.
  13. I got Norwich promoted to the Prem on FIFA (legendary mode of course) playing this formation and line-up.... Can I be the next manager?
  14. Desperate defending stemming from a lack of organisation causes 2nd goal line hand ball of the season. Now we''re probably without Dorrans and Howson for the next game. Ball never stuck upfront with Jerome and Wes delaying every pass...bad move when you''re chasing the game. A frustrating afternoon for all fans...we need to play for more than 15 minutes in the 2nd half if we''re going to get results in ANY league. Very disappointed but no surprise!
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