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  1. drurys testamonials V 15

    Scum Plan To Develop New Ground.



    Will it be a B&Q value design? given their financial status?

  2. drurys testamonials V 15

    Paul Lambert

    [quote user="whoareyou"]I see Villa have had to cancel their October goal of the month competition....as they didn''t manage a single goal all month. [:D]



  3. drurys testamonials V 15

    Dropping Ruddy

    I''ve usually noticed that if Ruddy is doing nothing then we have possession and are making attacks on the opposition''s goal. Then again, he''s not really doing nothing as he''ll be watching and anticipating the next moves.
  4. drurys testamonials V 15

    Best squad......you must be joking

    [quote user="mrs miggins"]Everyone has stated that we have the best players and squad in the league; our board, other managers, pundits, fans, football websites. We are probably not the best team though, we could very easily be though I suspect[/quote]

    Well pointed out mrs m. We have a lot of talent but they need to play together. If we look back to our history there have been seasons we have had a brilliant team and won promotions/finished high but, at the time, other teams have had some superior individual players. It''s about getting the best out of the 11 men on the pitch.

  5. drurys testamonials V 15

    Adams brought that defeat on himself....

    [quote user="Indy"]Don''t dissagree mnc, but Adams took a job anyone of us would have too.. I don''t believe he should get some of the personal stuff aimed at him. For me the board have a lot to answer for as its the third time they appointed an inexperienced manger who has been a disaster! They have failed to learn from previous mistakes.[/quote]


    Agreed. Sadly.

    I''d just say the gamble to try an unproven manager hasn''t paid off as well as the board had hoped. That''s what happens with gambles. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose.


  6. drurys testamonials V 15

    The minutes silence on Friday

    Was well respected where I stood. Shows it can be done. Let''s stop this clapping business  namely a minute''s applause for former players etc when they sadly die and show them the respect properly.
  7. drurys testamonials V 15

    Motion to re-appoint Stephen Fry as a director

    [quote user="TIL 1010"]

    [quote user="drurys testamonials V 15"]Anyone else not got their AGM documents?[/quote]

    Nope not got mine either by post or e-mail.



    Must be another batch or 2 in the depths of Royal Mail waiting to be delivered. Maybe Mr Fry can use his influence to get them delivered on time [:P]

  8. drurys testamonials V 15

    Motion to re-appoint Stephen Fry as a director

    Anyone else not got their AGM documents?
  9. drurys testamonials V 15

    Neilo, there's only one Neilo

    [quote user="Drazen Muzinic"]Jerome was taken off to avoid any further damage to the gash on his knee and O''Neill was taken off to avoid a second yellow card. He''d just had a warning from the ref with Martin present too. You would expect the replacements to be able to see the game out wouldn''t you?[/quote]

    Interestingly some callers on Canary Call failed to see these reasons for the subs and thought they were poor decisions. It was obvious to me and everyone close by why they were the way they were as you have explained Drazen.

  10. drurys testamonials V 15

    so hpw should we approach Friday?

    My approach is always go to bed Thursday and when I get up it''s Friday
  11. drurys testamonials V 15

    Sky sources Leroy fer :(

    [quote user="Canary Willo"]

    Sorry John cant agree. Big players will not want to play in Championship, end of...



    What about Ruddy then?

  12. drurys testamonials V 15

    Sky sources Leroy fer :(

    Felt like he was saying goodbye at the end of the game when he walked around the ground applauding the fans. Could be the reason he came on as sub. If so, contradicts Adams'' statement of not knowing he is off...
  13. drurys testamonials V 15

    Snodgrass...ligament damage?

    Ouch get well soon
  14. drurys testamonials V 15

    Booing Redmond!

    No-one booed where I sit in Lower Barclay.
  15. drurys testamonials V 15

    Pilkington joins Cardiff - official

    * goal not gola


    oh for an edit button like some other forums