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  1. 1st Eddie Howe 2nd Neil Lennon 3rd Carl Robinson
  2. I thought overall Norwich did not deserve to lose, we were the better side, created some very good chances but I felt the turning point was when Hughton took Hooper off for Elmander, he brought nothing to our forward line and the game went dead for us from that point, should of been more positive and gone two upfront in my opinion. OTBC
  3. Playing 2 strikers,being more positive in our play and getting a win, what do you all think?? Stick with Hughton or new manager??
  4. Would you give Hughton another 5/6 games if he played two strikers and different tactics??
  5. I think we miss Holt, we always new he would give 100% but also his leadership and presence on the pitch seem to lift everyone. I don''t think we have a leader in our team. I think Martin,Snodgrass,Johnson and Bassong are playing no where near as good as last season which is disappointing as I thought they all had a decent season. Lastly I think It''s time for a change, Hughton has to go aswell as our coaching staff, all defensive minded,very negative, no plan b, not giving Becchio a chance and only insists on playing one up front every week. Very disappointing as I think our new additions to the squad under the correct system/tactics are capable of better. OTBC
  6. I think it''s time for Hughton to go after today''s game. Another negative performance again today, we look no different to last season in the way we play and other than Man city away we played very much the same from around Christmas onwards,we have no plan b not sure if we have a plan a, Snodgrass and Johnson played their worst games for Norwich, Wolfswinkel is getting no service whatsoever, no flare, no attacking play, lack of shots on goal, I think we have made some good quality signings this season but think they are not able to play to their full potential due to Hughtons system/tactics. OTBC
  7. Would pick Bassong every week just thought he didn''t quite look match fit tonight, Pilkington had a very good game tonight but Snodgrass and Redmond would start for me.
  8. What are everybodys predictions for the starting 11 on saturday?? After seeing tonights game?? My team would be... Ruddy Whittaker Martin Turner Olsson Snodgrass Fer Johnson Redmond Elmander Wolfswinkel
  9. Hughton must change his tactics this season otherwise his negativity is going to ruin our squad. One up front clearly doesn''t work we''ve known this from last season, although I do think we have good possession of the ball under Hughton but I think a little more positivity in our play and another striker upfront would make all the difference.
  10. Anyone thinks Bassong has been carrying a foot/ankle injury most of the season? I noticed on most games this year he looks uncomfortable at times including yesterday. Been superb for us this season though, think he will be in top 3 for player of the season. OTBC
  11. Anyone think we should go back to the diamond formation?? Think Tetty or fox would play at the base of the diamond, with Snodgrass on the left, E Bennett on the right and hoolahan behind the front two. Thought Surman looked poor, had no creativity and lacked pace and too defensive, think Bennett/Pilkington would be a lot more attacking than what Hughton played/said yesterday and with hoolahan in the team we always create chances. OTBC
  12. Ruddy Martin. Barnett. Bassong. Garrido Bennett. Howson. Tetty. Snodgrass Hoolahan Holt
  13. Harry Kane has had two very good chances to score one against west ham and one tonight and all we see is a side foot along the ground with no power behind it and as for Martin I didn''t think he looked interested all night In my opinion
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