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  1. [quote user="Cheap Cheap Canaries"]Determined to see him fail ? no , just as clear as crystal that he would in fact anybody with an ounce of sense and football knowledge could see it a mile off its another Gunny appointment . No more than a handfull of supporters wanted him in the first place ask yourself why .[/quote] These are wise words and represent the view of the majority of reasonably minded canaries
  2. What other CEO of a football club would appointment a radio commentator as a manager and think for a second it would be a success? The sooner we get Paul Faulkner in as CEO the better
  3. With Worthy living local and not currently in gainful employment I think it would be a good idea to get him giving the radio commentator some much needed help. He has seen it and done it before in terms of getting out the championship As much as I would like to see Adams go McNasty is so arrogant he won''t accept he has screwed up again until it is to late. Getting Worthy to help is the least bad option
  4. Talking of laughing stock forums I notice that norwichtalk forum is crashing and burning after only a few months.
  5. He chairs the football board as well as the company board he appointed a radio commentator as manager. He is 100 percent responsible for our position
  6. I see the OP is part of the official club PR machine!
  7. He won''t resign the man has no honour
  8. Get him out and get him out NOW NOW NOW Bombard mcnasty on Twitter re your disgust at the continued employment of this fool!
  9. Just had a quick look at villa vital forum. Looks like he is on very thin ice. I wonder if he does get the sack where he will end up next. I can only dream
  10. The big issue is not the reappointment of fry but of McNally. He has made some truly awful decisions and his position should be under threat. He was in charge during our relegation. Failed to act when it was clear hughton was failing until it was far to late. He then appointed a radio commentator as a replacement and again we are not performing as we should do this season. I would like him voted out and replaced by the former Villa CEO Paul Faulkner a guy who knows the game has good relationships with the people who could revive our flagging fortunes
  11. There is nothing better than a thread that goes completely off track It never happened under Chris Hughton
  12. Great crowd for a Friday night a very usual time for a game and hallowen as well. The Carra was a bit nervous last night due to the recent poor run the atmosphere will pick up with a couple of wins Only criticism I can see are from some plastics who would rarely attend the games any way
  13. With the quality we have we should already be way ahead in the league. Adams is learning but making way to many mistakes which is costing us. A good 3 points tonight but he is now where good enough to manage in the prem.
  14. If villa carry on there current run we may get the opportunity to get Lambert back
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