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  1. I have reported this thread! SDP, please delete this thread so any snoopers from other clubs don''t find out about our cunning secret plan.
  2. Rules of common sense are regularly broken by Neil''s substitions.
  3. I trust you got the boys to clean inside and out TG? I bet those wheels are sparkling now. Made a good job of my van last week, good to know an Eastern European.
  4. Looks like TG parked up in ''space saver'' mode.
  5. Anglia Square has been ruined since the hoardings put up round the wasteland under the flyover. Such a lovely view across the weeds to the rear of the charity shops, it''s all gone. What''s a poster supposed to look at when eating the bacon rolls if you can''t see the cute little rats playing?
  6. Kick it Off, your motives and comments are commendable, cancer strikes at every corner of society. The young man has had much to fight in his short life, I certainly wish him the very best. Many many others contend daily with life threatening situations, and they need support too, most of them with a lower public profile than that young man. It''s up to all of us to do what we can to support neighbors and friends in those situations while we can,who knows what may strike us in the future.
  7. Has AN demonstrated that he has mastery over these magical powers? No
  8. Yes, what a shame I did not write something like this, Do they AFFECT the play as well? Yes
  9. You haven''t mentioned the manager and coaching staff
  10. It''s clear that there''s a huge likelihood of us playing in the Championship next season. There''s an increasingly unlikely chance of reaching the playoffs. While you play on your calculator, you''re not focussing on the blindingly obvious.
  11. My mate Mick the plumber, got in big trouble while working in Buckingham Palace. He was caught doing something unspeakable to one of the Queens dogs. It was ok in the end, turns out he was Corgi registered.
  12. I suppose you''ve allowed for the fact that we could give Ipswich a hiding?
  13. Rumors aside, I agreed with selling him, we weren''t looking down then, we were thinking of a premier league squad.
  14. Ahem Whitts, Martin, tettey, Wilshire, Clog away
  15. We had 70% possession, didn''t get the business done at the top end, only 2 shots on target. 10 off target, does that suggest we were getting beat up?
  16. [quote user="Barclay seats 48/49 the 3rd"]He also said that we don''t have the players for this type of game ,, and that he had been saying that all season This stood out to me very worrying. He hasn''t got players to beat Burton?
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