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  1. Making Plans. I am with you all the way. You are consistent in your comments and observations and I abhor the ignorant abuse you are currently receiving.
  2. Agree with Jim. Otherwise we will never score !
  3. Mr Webber is doing a great job revitalising our club. Stale players being replaced by young enthusiastic ones. Who cares if they are loanees. No long term expensive contracts. I am glad more fans can see what is happening, I am fed up with the moaners, I hope they stay away.
  4. Best posts on here for a long time. Realism of how we as fans have been let down. Watching the shameful away performances with never a change in tactics, personnel or attitude was cringeworthy.
  5. Do you think the BOD have noticed that Rowett and Warburton have been snapped up ?
  6. Her team or your team ? Which is it? I would suggest football teams are "owned" by their supporters at the end of the day despite egotistical board members. To suggest one should continue to support her team on a self destruct path is ludicrous.
  7. JF . You sound like an innocent youngster a little out of your depth.
  8. Well done Cameron for confirming what a lot of us suspected. He is probably fed up with working his nuts off for nothing. Today as with Rotherham and the other away matches it was embarrassing to behold and not surprising there was dissent in the loyal following. For everyones sake please go Alex.
  9. [quote user="king canary"]Even if we win next week things will still be bad. Because that would make it 14 points from our last 45 which is relegation form still. He''s had three games now where we thought we''d turned a corner, only to completely no show the next week. We''ve not won back to back league games since September. Why would a win v Wolves be any different? All he had to do today was motivate the team sufficiently to beat a team flat bottom of the table, with three wins all season and a tempory manager in charge. It couldn''t have been a much kinder fixture to get us on a run. Yet he failed.[/quote] He has failed each week to motivate the team and trots out the same excuses. The general opinion from fans around me today were that Mickey Mouse could have installed more passion in the team. Why is it that the other team always want to win the match more ?
  10. Why not a silent protest at the Derby game ?
  11. Nutty. I would think virtually all NCFC fans consider AN should have gone by now. The BOD is stubborn beyond belief and does not communicate with us fans. Maybe 20000 letters in the post would work. I used to write to Robert Chase and he always replied personally bless him.
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