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  1. [quote user="kirku"]We were clearly in hypothetical dreamland, seeing as the premise was receiving £50m for him..[/quote] Maddison, is the best prospect we have had for as long as I can remember, we all know that he wont stay here, as much as we would want him to, they will sell him, maybe not in this window, fingers crossed, but the summer definitely. In today''s market, a player of his potential, age, goal scoring capability from midfield, and being English, no discussions with any club should start at less than 30 Million, with addons, loan back, appearances, sell on clause, full international caps. It''s good while it lasts..
  2. After the signing of Franke, I assume CB is done. After Husband LB done. So a replacement for Howson, another Striker, a RB on loan as Pinto is injured and so is Martin, and replacements for anymore that leave i.e. Murphy. Whats your thoughts??
  3. Why do we always struggle to get players to sign on the dotted Line? Our negotiations take forever, and then people say no! why? Even in the heady days of the premiership, will we ever change!!! Are we penny pinching as usual? Contract not long enough, not enough money, big sell on clause? Are we a step sideways or down for most players? My question is why? It already seems another window will come and go, without to much fuss, and after what we have had to accept over a number of weeks, a pick me up with a few new faces might have been what we and the team needed, but doesn''t look like anything is going to happen. What do other people think?
  4. After today''s performance, and based on recent performances AN is here to stay, board won''t sack him now. So what''s next, transfer window, I''m sure if he sells they will let him buy, maybe more selling than buying but this is where this club is at the moment. Should be glad to have won 3-0, but still apprehension surrounds what the next few weeks will bring.
  5. If the fans think we are correct in him being sacked, as I do, I hate to say this, but we need Brentford to win. Any other result draw or win, plays into the boards hands and he will be allowed to wheel and deal in the transfer market. I still believe to the result at Brentford means nothing, he still needs to go. For us to support the board and manager there needs to be signs of a turn around, and there is none. Lose and a hostile crowd against Derby and I see they have no alternative.
  6. I have supported NCFC for 40 years, and my intention is always get behind the team and support, but enough is enough, I was there when the fans ousted chase, it''s time we did it again, not just the manager, next comes the board and the cook, she has supported but time to move on.
  7. After yet another defeat and away day blues, we are still wondering why AN is still in a job, we all probably now recognise that the problem also includes our board of directors, and their inability to resolve this calamity. As each game passes and we witness another defeat, I always think this must be the end for AN, but no, game after game he is still in charge. So whatever the result at Brentford, Lose, Win or Draw, Derby will be a bear pit, so what could we do to express our total thoughts, I have two ideas, please share yours. 1. All season ticket holders hand back their ticket, you won''t get nothing back but an empty stadium is some protest. 2. A silent protest, and I mean, no singing on the ball city, no singing or chanting at all, nothing, quite as a mouse, this may be a first, but would surely get media and board attention. We cannot allow AN to have any impact on the transfer window, we must act now or any slight dream of going back up will be totally dead. Please share your thoughts.
  8. Not a bad shout, but a decent manager would get them playing better than with no ins.
  9. How much longer can this charade go on for?
  10. Can''t defend, so three at the back and wing backs. Ruddy Pinto Bennett Klose Bassong Brady Naismith Tettey Thomson Pritchard Jerome
  11. It needs to be a figure head, someone who the senior more expensive players respect, we gradually spent more on players, those players have bigger ego''s, it takes a different type of manager to manage them, not somebody who was a player manager at Hamilton Accies. Big Sam or even Roy Hodgson would fit the bill.
  12. N = Naive, C = Clueless, F = Fuc--ng, C = Clowns A club in free fall, with; Owners who don''t consider new investment, and run the club as a family run business, with no ambition or wish to expand. Little Norwich. A chairman, who dances around, switching on lights. A chief executive, who''s only claim to fame, is helping Wolves find new investment, that talent won''t be needed. A manager, who may one day be a good manager, but as of now, shows he has lost the backing of the senior players, has only one tactic, can''t change a game, has made poor investments in the squad. This reminds me in so many ways of the Chase era, apart from the player investment. Time for change from the top down, new manager, get us up and sell us, should be the plan for the remainder of the season. Go after Sam Allardyce.
  13. How about Charlie Austin, didn''t get much game time for Southampton last season?
  14. If we get one more, what area and who do you think it might be?
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