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  1. yellowfever

    Time to go Delia

    For 'Midlands Yellow' read 'Mediocracy Yellow'. Some of us have more ambition for our Club, are prepared to try and do something about it. However your the perfect punter as you'll seemingly put up with anything even if it means that the Club under this ownership may never have a fair crack at moving forwards. How simply pleased some people are.
  2. yellowfever

    Time to go Delia

    Good - great for business.
  3. yellowfever

    Delia simply never ever learns

    No point at the moment and probably not for the foreseeable future. - because the understanding is that the shares are not for sale. Only hope is that the future trustees of any settlement and beneficiary (you know who) decide that the money tied up would be better deployed elsewhere as in the case of Blackburn Rovers beneficiaries. we have risk adverse owners who have done a good job but now is the time to allow inward investment to move the Club (business) on. Missed opportunity IMO because there is a good crop of talent on the playing staff and management side of the business that could be built upon. No guarantee of success but those with most likely infinitely deeper pockets than the current majority shareholders know and accept this. Pointless getting in a tiz because it seems that the succession strategy is set and there doesn't seem to be any desire to change but who knows - money talks.
  4. yellowfever

    Time to go Delia

    100% yes. Way overdue and before any one chirps in with 'there's no-one interested in investing' there is but the intransigent pair won't budge. Taking your customers for granted is not a good business trait and i wonder how long before the good folk of Norfolk rise up and make their feelings none by reduced attendance. The emollience on this Message Board doesn't chime with the growing mood change in the stands.
  5. yellowfever

    Don't get disheartened.

    Wasted opportunity again. Smith's need to move on now. Only a matter of time before the locals wake up and realise whats happening here. Time to find some new investment. Working in private equity has its advantages. stay tuned.
  6. yellowfever

    Norwich v Wolves

    All so predictable. Got to take chances and for the umpteenth time this season, sort out defending corners. Subs far too late to have any impact. We're going down with a whimper.
  7. yellowfever

    Leicester match day thread

    Great performance so far - just think what we could achieve with some funds - C'mon Smiths' back the Manager
  8. yellowfever

    Leicester match day thread

    set piece again.....heads will drop and that will be that. such a good performance why cant they learn..
  9. yellowfever

    Leicester match day thread

    second goal and I reckon we would have this.
  10. yellowfever

    Leicester match day thread

    Norwich actually playing very well and should be 2 up. can still and probably will go south by full time but right now they are by far the better team.
  11. yellowfever

    Self-sustaining model

    And Leicester are an attractive club with international appeal?? I'm getting despondent i am afraid. this is history repeating itself. The Smiths are of an age where they won't take risks or cannot afford to take risks as they most likely do not have sustainable earnings outside the football club. Its time for a change. All this guff about a self-sustaining model masks the real issue. Sport is about competition and improvement and not self-serving mediocrity. 'You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.' They are pi55ing a great opportunity up the wall and the 'mummy knows best' attitude is really beginning to pi55 me off. They need to sell up but wont consider offers. enough said. who are the mugs?
  12. yellowfever

    Reports of our early demise are greatly exaggerated

    The accounts tell you all you need to know. If the Club stays up it will be a monumental achievement but reality would suggest otherwise. The gulf in skill and athleticism from the football leagues to the Prem is just too great as is widely acknowledged. Its why these top players command such high fees that are way out of NCFC's budgetary reach. Our guys are simply not at the races. This campaign is an unexpected bonus and i for one took the view that come what may i wasn't going to get down about what is really a predictable position. It is disappointing and yet you never know things may pick up. Cant change the ownership so might as well get behind whatever fayre is dished up.
  13. yellowfever


    I think its clear that if you want to support a premier league team go and find another club. The way the business is run does not facilitate the risk capital required to be competitive in this league. Accept that and the season will be more enjoyable but make no mistake we are down. Does'nt bother me to be honest because i've accepted that until the ownership changes this is the way it will be and it was a great season in the champs. No point in getting up tight and p*ssed off this is our reality.
  14. yellowfever

    We don't need to spend...

    Seemingly yes. All very disappointing but not unexpected. just have to accept that we are a club with very conservative owners and limited ambition.
  15. yellowfever

    Our problem is.......

    Our problem is........we cannot compete financially at this level. I took the view at the start of this season that i would accept it was going to be difficult to stay up due to the lack of investment but i would enjoy it anyway. We are where we are. The Smiths wont sell so we just have to accept the bad times and fill our boots in the good times. it will be good to watch the fantastic football that we have witnessed with a full squad and that is the tragedy of these damn injuries as it seems that the spark and momentum has left the team hopefully temporarily. if they can bring in a decent couple of defensive players in January we may still be okay.