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  1. war paint for men sponsoring POTS - make up for blokes - what is the world coming to......
  2. Ridiculous egotist. Total non reading the room. The senior management needs a shake up and fresh, hungry faces brought in. Its all too comfortable.
  3. i was going to post 2 down after 20 mins after seeing that line up but thought that would be read as too negative. All very predictable. at least there are more voices now calling for a change at the top. If we do get promoted again I wonder how many lemmings will be chanting ' we are premier league, we are premier league....' laughable
  4. I dont want to carp on but I have been supporting City of over 45 years and this really is one of the poorest sides we have ever put out. some of these players are just no way good enough. Norwich have lost the 'Norwich Way' and its sad to see.
  5. we just dont have enough fire power in all departments. They are actually playing okay but there is no real threat. it will be 3 or 4 by the end of play,
  6. Milner - how was that not a booking? Referee needs to disguise his bias a little better than he is
  7. OP Spot on. Its blatantly obvious although that doesnt fully excuse the woeful performances under this head coach. Biggest issue is that they will not sell their shares and no one will come in to back the company in a minority position. The Board are in a conundrum. farke is good for their business plan but the product being 'entertainment' is no longer there. The Board can pull the wool over the supporters' eyes for so long with good performances and some semblance of competitive football, but when the entertainment value plummets and the 'model of self financing is so brutally exposed , it raises as to what is the point in following a failing business model masquerading as sport.
  8. They wont sell period and therein lies the problem. We have been down this road many times before particularly under Hughton when a genuine enquiry was made. Its pointless they will not sell, and at that time, that was right from the top. Prudence with Ambition - Ambition = top 26 so suck it up because there is nothing you can do about it.
  9. The points tally is not that important under this model. Promotion back to the EPL next season is. Having said that totally abject performances where we cannot even scrape a draw has probably thrown a spanner in the 'Model' works. Should be fun in the Boardroom on Monday.
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