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  1. Quite extraordinary - surely the whole point of competitive sport is to win? Sorry to say but i agree with the OP, and no i don't support fecking Ipswich.
  2. agreed on antibody tests - real time date stamped tests are the way forward to get ahead of this virus. It has already mutated 40x and by the time a vaccine is ready it could possibly have muted at 200x. With winter approaching rapid and regular testing will become essential.
  3. The tests are non intrusive and logistics manageable. the issue is whether anyone would be motivated enough to get a test so that they could return safely to the ground. There is currently a trial at one EPL club to determine how this may work and NCFC will be contacted Monday to see if they are interested in a wider scheme. Just interesting to get decent opinions from those who regularly attend matches.
  4. thanks for that feed back. what if the tests were free would you spend the time to have one done?
  5. I would be interested to hear if anyone would return to Carrow Road or any other stadium if it were proven to be covid free. Tests are being conducted now on a new rapid 30 minute test where results are valid for up to 48 hours. So if you had to spend £15 on a test where a negative result that is sent to you mobile allowed you entry to the ground, where all the staff and press are tested too, would you be prepared to spend £15 and take the three minute test at a city location?
  6. Well thats a pleasant surprise! - well done the Lads!!
  7. why not Rupp - he really isn't up to it. odd signing
  8. need to change something here but who really can come on and make an impact apart from Pukki?
  9. BBC Sport https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p084zb8c/the-fa-cup-201920-tottenham-hotspur-v-norwich-city
  10. we started well but have gone off the pace - the sharp passing hallmark of Farke seems to have deserted us.
  11. 3-0 spurs i reckon. theyve sussed us.
  12. We will beat Liverpool good grief - the delusion gets worse.
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