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  1. Norwich have 15 mins to score 6 goals, if they do, we have a good chance of staying in the Premier League. If not, Farke and all the players should be replaced with the under 23 team.
  2. I'll pop back here after the Burnley game because I can feel something in the air. Normann does look like a good PL player Kabak and therefore the defence will improve 2 things I don't think anyone could disagree with.
  3. Not a troll, and maybe they won't finish mid table but I think they'll stay up, some of the new players do look very good- and they've only played, what like 2 or 3 games? Normann, and I think Kabak will improve.
  4. From what I've seen of the extended highlights (and listened on the radio), Norwich are definitely improving, the new players do look good, especially Normann. I think in one or two games they will find that missing gel (missing goals, assists) and we will beat a team by scoring 3 or 4 goals. (I think against Burnley) Once those first goals go flying into the opponents net, I think all will be ok, and will finish 11th.
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