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  1. [quote user="simmo_2"]Who arranged these matches against pub sides, they should be sacked for incompetence. It must be a happy clapper who likes the goal music.[/quote] More than likely the same people who thought it would be a good idea not to have canary call in closed season. Which stops people like your good self, voicing valid opinions which the world needs to hear. However if we loose the first game of the season you can bring it up then.
  2. That''s 10 seconds of my life you owe me back.
  3. I will never get those 5seconds back thanks for that!
  4. Got to be Germany for me I have a grudging respect for the Hun, the fact they always seem to be in the mix. Also having met quite a few of them in me time I have always found them to be quite an affable bunch! Plus they have played the best football throughout the tournament.
  5. [quote user="Dubai Mark"]Good, at least this will stop the "I feel sorry for Becchio" comments............[/quote] True at least until he scores for them and then the why the hell did we let him go threads will start!
  6. 2-1 England Rooney and lallana for England and ballotelli for the Italy
  7. [quote user="River End Canary"]How much longer do u think it will be before we see the white smoke rising from the carra rud conclave?[/quote] Probably a lot longer than it takes for you to come up with another alias!
  8. Re the radio thing I know that radio norfuckian is blocked! However the team we plays, local station most prob also broadcasts the match albeit with a bias commentary team anyone know if this station would also be blocked?
  9. [quote user="FenwayFrank"]Waveney/Thorpe end/Barnaby, why do you have so many usernames ?[/quote] Don''t forget simple jack
  10. I''d say RVWs agents got a bit of a job on his hands!
  11. Apparently suspended following internal investigaton anyone! Shay given made temp assistant anyone else heard owt?
  12. I would imagine you get bullied at school op......and I for one am glad about it....your a special type of cock knocker indeed you are!
  13. [quote user="Le Juge"]"As Norwich supposedly have the lowest wage bill in the Prem" Source?[/quote] Happy shopper sauce the other teams have hienz or at the vey least daddies
  14. [quote user="Mr Apples"]Agreed, some people really should get out more (from mummy''s basement). I''ll be plastic and proud from a long distance. On a related point...has plastic actually been discovered down Ipswich way yet or are they still using animal skins and wicker baskets in their caves in place of the modern discovery we all enjoy?!?!? (insert own punchline re: Suffolk plastics being baskets) [/quote] They do indeed have plastic in Ip5w1ch! if you have ever watched the highlights of matches on look east you will see rows of empty plastic seats at poorman road. Just ask our resident pair of binners if you don''t believe me....
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