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  1. Sounds like a "conspiracy theory", but look at the facts. We have just signed a lucrative deal with Coral, SkyBet hijacked the play off final, and all I could see flashing around the perimeter hoardings yesterday was "Ladbrokes".."Bet365"....etc etc etc. Whoever allowed betting companies to get their filthy paws "officially" on our beloved game needs shooting. Betting companies, by the very nature of their trade, is to make as much money as they possibly can, and that''s dependant on results. If they can buy into football clubs, they become the boss, and will then have the power to dictate the outcome of a match, to suit themselves. Jerome''s goal WAS a goal, and we should''ve had a penalty. But that wouldn''t have suited where all the betting money was being placed. You have 11 players sweating their nuts off, and a manager going bananas on the touch line. But all that is irrelevant, because the outcome isn''t based on that anymore. It''s about what result will make the bookmakers the most money, and now they have direct control over the club and officials to ensure that happens. And when there is billions at stake, money will win every time. Sad times.
  2. And by the way, been a season ticket holder at Carra Rd since 1980. Stood in the River End during the "seets, chocolates hot drinks" era, and then the Barclay when it was The Barclay. Just to clear up any nonsense.
  3. The chase is better than the catch I think you''ll find. I love a promotion chase, and the dream. But the reality is that it''s not really that great. The Premiership is controlled by money, that''s all. It''s dull as shit. Unless we got taken over by a billionaire investor (which would be rubbish as well). Just face it, The Permiership is not about football any more, it''s about the rich few. And it''s boring.
  4. So long dull, money mad Premier League.......bring on more of this.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDM88n9ZHk0
  5. Ok, let''s go get that big name manager. I''m off to drive my Ferrari to my £5 million Hollywood Hills mansion.
  6. Gah! It''s so hard to try and explain what I mean!!! It''s not defeatist, in fact it''s quite the opposite. I just feel that we need to focus on what Norwich City actually is. And once we do that, everything else will fall into place. When we finished 3rd in the Premiership, it wasn''t through big names appointments or signings, it was through a club running itself in accordance with the club itself. Once you have that unity, you can aim for the stars. But you do it in the right way.
  7. Yeah it is a draw for a decent manager. It''s not that a club our size doesn''t deserve a big name, it''s more a case of why would a big name come to our club? We need to accept the size and stature of this football club before anything else. A club of Norwich City''s size is PERFECT for an ambitious young manager. It worked with Dave Stringer, Mike Walker (not so young admittedly, but experience wise) Martin O''Neill and Paul Lambert. The hierachy with them was Club first, then manager, then players. a "name" wont come here, and if they did, would they really put blood, sweat and tears into it? Or would they turn up, get paid, and reflect back on their earlier success? We need hunger, and desire.
  8. Who are these fabled managers though? Name some? A big name, well respected in the game, who can attract top players to the club? If there is such a manager, they sure as hell aren''t coming to Norwich. And if they are, it means they are not ambitious enough. Sad but true. Roeder was a "name", Hughton was a "name", but look at the mess they got us in. We need to stick to what Norwich have always been best at. Nuturing Youth players, signing hungry lower league players, and having a team that is passionate, and who will play for the manager and the club. One thing I can see, Neil Adams has ambition burning inside him.
  9. I think the fact is, we''re in a mess right now. Does any manager at this level know how to get a team promoted? Surely that''s just "winning games" isn''t it? And to win games, you have to have a committed set of players who want to play for their manager and the club. Lambert got it spot on, but his appointment came at the perfect time. He could build from the bottom up, get in lower league players who would sweat blood for him (for he had given them this chance). I can see this same ethic in Neil Adams. Hearing him say "I looked each player in the eye" speaks volumes. He clearly looks for commitment in his players, and thus, he will only select the one''s who show that. That''s the most important thing. Technical perfection can follow on. BUt I know if Neil Adams was given this chance, we would see a side full of commitment and passion, something Hughton was never much of a fan of.
  10. No, I''m not. Just a realistic supporter of 34 years.
  11. An absolute 100% YES from me. The guy is technically very competent, and has done extremely well, especially given the awful side he''s had to try and work with in very tough circumstances. Paul Lambert didn''t have a wealth of Championship experience, or Premier League experience, but he put together a team who wanted to play for him and the club. And you can see that Adams has a similar philosophy. I would take Adams over any of the other "fly by night" candidates. I really see him being a huge success here with time and patience.
  12. Definitely, and that could be the beginning of something very special.
  13. I think that''s exactly my point. I know when Dave Stringer was promoted to first team manager, that was the beginning of our most successful era. He knew the youth players, and the on''es who would cut it, and Mike Walker was the man who benefitted from that. Winning the FA Youth Club is a good indication that we do have a very talented crop of young players, and only Neil Adams will be able to bring them through.
  14. I''m new to all this, so excuse me! But, I really do hope Norwich keep Adams on as manager. Norwich City needs to identify what it is as a club. We are not a big club (premiership wise), and we can''t attract top players. Geographically, we''re out on a limb. And let''s be honest, we''re not the best club in the world at actually signing players are we? Signing players from Sporting Lisbon, Newcastle etc etc, is a big fat waste of time. Norwich will only ever be a pay cheque to these type of players, and we''ve seen the results of signing players like this. Norwich will always be a step down for them. However, with Neil Adams, we have somebody who knows our youth team inside out. And he has a group of very talented young players, who clearly play for him, and respect him. Winning the FA Youth Cup is no mean feat. We have spent so much on the Academy etc, it''s time to reap the rewards for this. Spending big money on players simply doesn''t work for Norwich City. It''s not a club other players dream of playing for, so you''ll only end up with duff overpriced unambitious players. I personally hope we get relegated. And I also hope that Neil Adams is given time to bring through this hugely talented crop of young players without the crazy demands of the Premiership. Because that has always been the foundation of every succesful Norwich side. Home grown players who WANT to play for the club, and who are ambitious. If we appoint a "big name" manager, the youth will get overlooked again. And another crop of journey men players/loanees/mercenary''s will come in, take their salary, and bugger off when the going gets tough. And that manager will happily take his 2 or 3 million pay off when he get''s sacked, and go off to the next club, and do the same. We have a real opportunity to get this club back to being Norwich City again, instead of this faceless also ran that we have become. It may take 2 or 3 years, but I think we would return to the Premiership in a far healthier position for it.
  15. I thought the over reaction to the presence of some Liverpool fans in home areas looked a bit pathetic to be honest. Liverpool are one of the biggest supported clubs in the world, and the real Liverpudlians are pretty much the most passionate fans in the world. Yeah, of course some got in home seats. They are going for the title after all. If we were in the same position, would we not try everything to get in the ground? I''m no newbie, I stood in the Barclay when Brucey smashed that header home in the 87th min against the scum in 85. I had a Liverpool fan near me today, didnt bother me, I respected the passion he had for his team. Shame a lot of our support don''t show the same.
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