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  1. I have seen much on here lately criticising so called plastics. I however would like to see more. Bring on the fans from far flung places. For many reasons. Firstly a club only attracts plastics by being successful, so if we have more plastics then it means we have been successful. Secondly the increased merchandise sales brought by such fans. Thirdly and possibly most financially rewarding is the increased sponsorship revenue that is available in countries such as China. All of these things benefit the club much more than some people here want to acknowledge.
  2. Uwe would definitely be my first choice to take over in the summer which is the earliest I think we will get a new manager. I think we will be safe this season but, a new manager in the summer is the only logical way to progress.
  3. I think there is more chance of Man City hitting double figures than us beating them. Still think we will stay up but, with their scoring ability and our apparent lack of confidence it is not looking good.
  4. My heart says we can get a win like we always used to when I was young. My head says get ready for a full surrender.
  5. Bob paisley only had one job and I think he was fairly successful
  6. I always smile when people object because somebody has no managerial experience. Just shows how football has changed in the last forty years. It used to be the norm for many top clubs to appoint a new manager from within. Look at the Liverpool model from the seventies and early eighties. Easily their golden age.
  7. Toe injuries for footballers can be incredibly problematic. It was a toe injury that ended Gary Linekers playing career. I would rather the wolf took an extra week or two to completely heal rather than coming back sooner and needing even longer ashhe has aggravated it.
  8. I saw P!nk there a few years back. Was so funny seeing the stewards inability to deal with large crowds. To be fair I think CR should be pushing to get more high profile concerts
  9. No. Managers generally don''t do as well in second spells with their former clubs and I think PL would be no exception to this.
  10. [quote user="Davo"][quote user="Buh"]Do all other clubs have to compare new players with players of the past? I think they do to be fair. I just find it unfair in a way. I just want the new players to carve a new legacy if you know what I mean.[/quote] It''s they way things are. A player becomes a star or a legend and the next generation are compared to them. That player then hopefully becomes a star or legend in their own right and the next generation are compared to him. Hopefully one day we will have a youngstr or two who will be the next Redmond or Murphy. Davo [/quote] It is definitely the way all clubs are. I remember manure having numerous so called new George Bests until Highs came along
  11. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]Massive win today, easily the best of the season. He got the balance spot on. Hopefully he''s learnt our wasteful midfield need the extra territiory 2 up front brings. Yes we rode our luck, but we had a goal and it was WBA''s responsibility to bring the game to us. Smashing and completely unexpected away win. Now to carry on the momentum to our next game.[/quote] Completely agree. I still think I would prefer a different manager but, if this is a sign that Hughton is changing his outlook then that could change.
  12. Today is definitely a winnable game and I am looking forward to listening in from work. Will we win is a different matter, I think it will depend on the first goal. If we get it I think we could well grab that elusive away win but, the way the squad confidence seems if we concede first then I fear it could be another collapse on an England cricket scale.
  13. Elmander is/was a good player but, whether he is a suitable player for us is another thing. Players can be good but not git in at certain clubs and I think that is what is happening here.
  14. Just a bit of a fun thread. One of my big memories of games in the river end as a kid in the 80s was the old bloke with the refreshment trolley and his call of "sweets, crisps, hot drinks, cold drinks." Are there any other characters like this that made your trips to the game more memorable?
  15. [quote user="Wiz"][quote user="Scoot1975"]I think at the moment Hughton is not doing well enough. This is my opinion. That said I also fully agree with the OP that we need to stand together behind the team. We are after all not Hughton supporters we are Norwich City supporters. I would love it if our manager proved me wrong in my opinion of his suitability. Unfortunately I think others on here may have made their decision on non football reasons.[/quote] When all else fails play the racist card eh?...........pretty low Scoot, pretty low.[:|] [/quote] You said that wiz not me. Have I hit a raw nerve?
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