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  1. He''s done very well in the games I''ve seen him. I was surprised he''s not been given more games, particularly ahead of Grabban. A return of 3 goals from 6 matches is very good and better than average. Only players like Vardy, Kane, Aguero have faired better than a goal every other game and we know they''d be worth a hefty sum ie £35 million plus. I don''t really know or understand what fans expect. We don''t have the funds to buy a striker for £20 million or more, we have to find bargains or up and coming young talent and potential stars. What Mbokani seems to be is a bargain who might be just passed his peak who we managed to pick up before anyone else.. I think he''s an excellent addition to our team. He may struggle against the best defences in the PL but who wouldn''t?
  2. Naismith and a centre back, I would be happy with. VOO and Naismith would compete with Hoolahan for the attacking midfielder role. Once Jarvis is back we''ll have three good wingers available with Brady and Redmond.
  3. Surprised Odjidja isn''t in the starting line up as I think he offers more than both Dorrans and Howson do. I''m worried the pace of Villas forwards will be too much for our defence but hope we can hit the back of the net more than Villa.
  4. As far as I could tell Fer had the skill and talent but never worked hard enough for the team, at least not consistently. He very rarely tracks back fast enough and I have watched him on several occasions. When he was at Norwich, I don''t believe he was played in his best position ie an attacking midfielder or box to box, as I think he could have scored far more goals if he had played further up the pitch. It''s unlikely any club in the top half of the Premiership would want him unless he shows he is prepared to work much harder. No struggling team would want him unless his price dropped considerably and he wouldn''t be interested in playing for a struggling side. So I feel he is wasted talent.
  5. I would give Rudd another game or two, as it takes a player time to bed in and build up confidence. The players in front of him aren''t helping much but we have few options in defence. So my starting line up would be....... Rudd Wisdom Bennett. Bassong. Olsson O''Neil. Mulumbu Vadis Brady Hoolahan Mbokani Or Rudd Martin. Bennett. Bassong Wisdom. Mulumbu Brady O''Neil (c) Vadis Hoolahan Mbokani I would definitely drop Howson, Dorrans, Grabban and Redmond from the starting eleven. I would make O''Neil captain ahead of Martin. Redmond and Jerome to come on to make an impact if we need one in the second half.
  6. I would agree with much of that, although I would add that O''Neil was very unlucky to be dropped after last week. He is a good captain, he reads the game well and adds experience and guts. I''m not sure Redmond deserves to start at the moment. I''d be interested to see how Vadis performs if he was given a starting place. At the moment he must be worth a place ahead of Dorrans or Howson surely. I''m also puzzled Mulumbu has been left out after playing well.
  7. Is Hoolahan injured? He''s not one of the subs, so I presume he is. We lack creativity when he''s not playing, so if Brady and Redmond are not putting in decent crosses from the wings we struggle to create chances.
  8. If we allow them to dictate they will rip us apart. Their best player at the moment is Ozil and Sanchez isn''t far behind. We have to keep possession much better than we have, defend better than we did v Chelsea. Break quickly on the counter and hopefully score a few goals. Bennett has been playing well and I would like to see him retained, although for the Chelsea goal, I think he shouldn''t have allowed Costa to get a shot in with his right foot. He should have ushered him onto his left. We should never be giving the ball back to the opposition to take a free kick or corner, that is such an elimentary mistake. If we do that against Arsenal we will be punished. Arsenal can be beaten, we just need to frustrate them, defend resolutely, pass better and catch them on the break or score from a set piece. Easier said than done.
  9. 3 goalies, 7 defenders and one striker who can sit on the half way line in hope that we get some possession.
  10. Who will be named captain? There''s no obvious candidate but if O''Neil plays one of the central roles, I would make him captain. If not him, I''m not sure other than Dorrans. Bassong has been captain before so it could be him, but I''d prefer him to concentrate on his own performance.
  11. [quote user="morty"]Reasons behind picking Wisdom?[/quote] He played quite well and is a better option than Martin or Whittaker at the moment. Unfortunately he''s picked up an injury, so he won''t be playing and they''ll have to play Martin or Whittaker. Personally I''d play Whittaker on Tuesdays showing.
  12. Will we put on a great performance and nick a result against all odds or will we get the hammering of our lives? I know what I''m expecting. What do you think? Thankfully Aguero and Silva are injured. Newcastle had 6 shots on goal and scored 6 which is horrific from a defensive point of view. If we are as bad again, we can expect much much worse, let''s not kid ourselves. I would definitely pick Rudd, Wisdom, Bennett and Olsson in defence. I''m not sure who the other central defender should be, but possibly Bassong with both Mulumbu and Tettey in front of the back four. We have to be well organised and make it hard for MC to break us down. I can see there being penalties given away. I wonder what the odds are for a draw?
  13. I''m particularly interested in the form of the players I think may be good enough for the game v Man City and following games. Ie Rudd, Wisdom, Vadis, O''Neil, Mulumbu ? Was O''Neil captain? Out of the players we have I think he would make a good captain and better than Martin. The only question is whether he is better than Tettey or Mulumbu? Would Vadis be better than Dorrans or Howson and is Wisdom a better option than Martin or Whittaker? I am really puzzled why Lafferty wasn''t given at least 20 minutes game time tonight. AN knows what Grabban can offer, but what he doesn''t know is how well Lafferty can play at this level. The excuse cannot be that he isn''t fit or he wouldn''t be on the bench.
  14. which 2 would you pick? When Hoolahan isn''t at his best, we need another offensive option in my opinion and someone more likely to score and create. You also need someone to run the channels and take some of the weight off your main striker. Would Hooper do the trick or would Grabban be more effective? If Hoolahan scored more regularly then he would be ideal but unfortunately that is not the case. I think we need a good target man which would be one of either Mbokani, Jerome or Lafferty and then one of either Grabban, Hoolahan or Hooper, unless we play Brady or Redmond in the hole.
  15. I''d like to see Rudd, Martin, Wisdom, Bennett, Olsson in defence as I can''t see many other options. Mulumbu to take Tettey''s place, Ofoe to start, Dorrans, Jarvis, in midfield. Hooper to play the Hoolahan role and then either Lafferty or Mbokani up top with Grabban to come on with 20 mins remaining.
  16. Who would you pick? I would go with something like this.... Rudd Martin Wisdom. Bennett. Olsson Mulumbu Ofoe Jarvis. Hooper. Brady Mbokani
  17. Rudd Martin. Bennett or Wisdom. Biassong Olsson Tettey Vadis Redmond Brady Hoolahan Mbokani
  18. I agree to a large extent but there is an element of naivity in our play. We throw far too many players forward who then don''t chase back quickly enough. Give the ball away too often and are caught ball watching. Four against four our defence isn''t good enough let alone 3 against 4. We didn''t have much luck today, but if our two shots that hit the post, had gone in, we would still have lost 6-4. Not enough of our players are playing well enough to affect the game. We need to drop a few to get the message across it seems.
  19. Shocking defending from the team as a whole, but we have a captain who is supposed to be organising and yelling at his players. The trouble is, I''m not sure he knows where they should be and although he puts the effort in, he doesn''t defend well himself. Too often we are caught ball watching, opposing players are left unmarked and we make it easy for the opposition to score. It''s elementary, you''d see defending like that in your local park or at under 14 level. It''s embarrassing, so something needs to change....now!!!!
  20. I would agree to a large extent. We''ve been too lightweight in central midfield even though we set up on the defensive side, ie Tettey, Dorrans and Howson in the middle and no Hoolahan, so we should never have got that drubbing before Tettey was taken off. I think it was a mistake to take Tettey off, as he protected the back four more than the other two did. However, Tettey''s distribution was poor and needs to improve. Ofoe appears to be an all rounder, who has strength and stamina to get up and back. He can tackle and score and with neither Howson or Dorrans playing that well, I''d like to see him at the very least considered and given a place on the bench. Mulumbu is probably a week or two away from being put straight in. I would have either Wisdom or Bennett in central defence in place of Martin who could revert to right back. Bassong remains our best central defender just. Olsson had a good game down the left, making 2 goals, although he may have been at fault for one of the goals. Whittaker was as usual at fault for at least one goal where he should have got in front of their striker who was allowed to head it in. Ruddy should have saved at least two of the goals. Changes have to be made, as it''s not fair on those who are waiting in the wings. If players don''t perform, they should be dropped. My team to play WBA........ Rudd Martin or Wisdom, Bennett, Bassong, Olsson Tettey Ofoe Redmond. Hoolahan. Brady Mbokani Subs. Ruddy, Martin or Wisdom, Jarvis, Mulumbu, Howson, Lafferty, Jerome. I''d also give Redmond a kicking, as I believe he can do so much more and should be doing much more. He has the pace but doesn''t use it. Why? I haven''t a clue. Newcastle were made to look like world beaters and they are far from that. Heaven help us if we play like that against Man City, Arsenal or Man U.
  21. Great player, manager and a top guy. Rip. Does anyone know what he died of?
  22. I think Olsson will start with Brady on the left wing and I would like to see Redmond and Mbokani start. The defence is my biggest worry. Whoever we play at the back is not good enough in my opinion. Whether AN will be willing to shuffle the defence and change it, I''m not sure, but Wisdom was obviously brought in as competition for Whittaker and central defence, so we''ll see if he is prepared to play him.
  23. It''s very close to call in my opinion. Howson didn''t have a great game v Leicester but was out on the wing. He also needs to track back faster, if he loses the ball, as was the case. I''m glad I don''t have to make the decision, but I''d say Howson should get the nod, just. I''m hoping we get to see what Vadis can do this season also. He could make selection even more difficult.
  24. Mbokani for me. He deserves his chance. Jerome needs to be ready to prove a point if selected on the bench.
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