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  1. Dave

    John ruddy to Bournemouth 3 million

    If we were to sell any players - it would be daft to sell them to those who we are likly to be fighting position with.
  2. Dave

    I Declare....

    The transfer window open!!!!!

    Lets hope lessons from summer have been learnt and we can get essential business in early to allow maximum time for players to settle and the team to gel
  3. Dave

    Ed Balls/Robert Chase

    On a serious note. Balls unlike chase has no majority stake in the club so unlike Chase has little power its more of a status symbol.
  4. Time to rebuild his reputation good luck to him

    If he fails he will get the scotland job eventually!!!
  5. Still hurts thinking of the millenium stadium.

    I can remember us winning a shoot out against Bolton in the 90s i think
  6. Dave


    2 fairly high profile jobs, 2 disasters can''t see him managing again any time soon
  7. Dave

    Darren Eadie - your memories

    Great player when he wasnt injured (which was far too often).

    When he was fit we often relied on him too much as he was far better than a lot of the players we had.

    Would have been a regular left winger for England if he stayed fit.

    These days a great character and always great to hear on Radio Norfolk
  8. A lot of people calling for Neils head, i think its far too soon for that - so many managers go after a run of bad results, if this had happened in the past some of the great managers in the game never would have been.

    But back on subject know a lot of people want Lambert back, I dont - why you ask, its common for managers to return and it not work out 2nd time around, this happens more often than success.

    At the moment I''m not sure who would be an ideal replacement in the event that Neil went, most names weve been realistically linked with in the past 18 months have gone on to have nightmares in their jobs
  9. Yes we had a poor game against Newcastle - most teams have them from time to time.

    We have had many nightmare games in the past and will have plenty in future but so will every single team in the premier league.
  10. a load of rubbish

    AN will not be sacked if we lose to West Brom
  11. Dave

    Alex Neil

    We are only 3 points behind what Lambert achieved at the same point in 11-12

    Every team has a horrible game from time to time, if we keep getting games like this then worry
  12. Dave

    Whats happened to Paul Lambert?

    Mike Ashley seems to be quite tight with his cash and therefore I see it unlikely that he would poach a manager.

    PL is out of work and therefore no compo for a manager with a reasonable PL record
  13. Dave

    Whats happened to Paul Lambert?

    Could be newcastle manager in next few days!#
  14. Dave


    Lets all judge a forward after 1 game shall we - RVW scored on his debut so he must be the best NCFC forward ever
  15. Afterall thats what happened to the last forward to seal a cup game for us
  16. Dave

    Coral Shirts

    Betting, alcohol, and finance companys are the big players in football sponsorship these days.

    If they pay big money then great, only downside is my wife is allowed to wear norwich shirt to work when we play but as shecworks for betfred this wouldnt be allowed anymore
  17. This is our equal highest points total after 5 games in our last 5 PL seasons

    2015 - 8 Points

    2013 - 7 Points

    2012 - 3 points

    2011 - 8 Points

    2004 - 4 Points

  18. Dave

    Relegation ?

    Poor we were not, however we did ride our luck at times and had to be thankful that we have Ruddy in goal.

    Deffo need so more strength at the back come Jan.

    We have actually had our best top division start since the 90''s
  19. Playing 1 up front with 2 on bench we certainly do not.

    After today we need defender still ruddy saved us at times
  20. A few times late on today when Ruddy pulled off great saves i cant help but think suarez would have scored
  21. In pervious years we went in for players and the majority joined - this year so many have opted for another club, i wonder what put them off.
  22. Dave

    Grabban gone AWOL

    If true i hope AN shows whos in charge and outright refuse and ensure a huge fine goes his way.

    If we give in to what he wants how many other fringe players will follow suit
  23. Here we go again with the Grabban bashing - Those of you who claim he isnt a premier league player I ask you - how many games has he actually played in the prem?

    If anything Jerome has been a poor player in the prem in the past, and the same people think hes amazing!

    Grabban is liked by AN and had had some good games, hense him starting in the 1st game ok he didnt play well but none of the side did until redmond came on.

    If we were to sell him (no matter how much) it would be stupid to sell him to anyone who we need to get a result against to stay up.

    All our main 4 strikers (Grabban, Jerome, Hooper, RVW) are proven scorers in the past, and there is no reason why under the right management and a bit of confidence they cant be again, its going to be difficult if AN keeps playing 4-5-1 but as seen already if we are down hes not afraid to bring all forwards on.
  24. Although a big name - the amount we have received from Aviva is tiny compared to a lot of Premier league clubs.

    Hopefully whoever replaces them will put in a large amount of money - lets hope we stay in the PL as this will attract more sponsors.

    My main dread however is the naming rights to Carrow Road sold with a new sponsor - Lets hope not, although I could cope with Carrow Road, sponsored by......