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  1. Can''t disagree that we got off lightly I was bang in line with both decisions and thought the ref let us off big style
  2. Just need to ban LDC and the world is a good place
  3. Lots of negatives about Saturday but one positive for me was the performance of howson. He was all over the pitch, good tackling, passing good Most had a stinker but Howson I thought had one of his best games for a while
  4. What was amusing in an otherwise rubbish day was the puzzled look of the Bournemouth fans when the Bradley song was sung they hadn''t a clue what it was about
  5. It is getting more and more depressing every week Style of play getting worse and worse. Signings players to solve problems and not even having them in the squad ( at best bizarre) Yet another screwed up transfer window How much Lower can we sink?
  6. Under the Messiah we were poor I agree in certain games but it wasn''t through lack of effort or tactical awareness Yesterday Howe out thought and out fought Neil in every dept yesterday but still 2 1 in terms of games to Neil A game we would have won yesterday under Lambert
  7. Martin is a useless pudding but to be fair to him he was being targeted by Bournemouth and got little in the way of support from Vadis Where I was standing for the first goal I was bang in line from where the cross was taken. Martin didn''t close down quick enough but the central defending was appalling Only player I felt who came out of the game with any credit was Johnny howson
  8. Ah but please remember who won the away fixture such happy days
  9. [quote user="lappinitup"]Poor Waveney, nobody takes him seriously. [:(][/quote] Agreed with Tilly today that I would meet you guys after the Liverpool game. Looking forward to it
  10. The last time I left a match early was this game. We were so poor today I repeated it. I don''t mind spending the time and money following the canaries but when I see utter sh@t like this it is just so hard to take. Neil and the team were a disgrace today. Fans were great there better be a reaction against Liverpool
  11. You weren''t at the game we were truly truly awful We are gone I am afraid
  12. [quote user="Herman "]Aye. Gloat at the end of the window, you dirty binner.[/quote] I am not sure you can take any moral high ground bearing in mind you never attend a game!
  13. Has he been asked about the latest position on the Naismith transfer Innit
  14. Agree another god awful window on the cards
  15. We do seem to have had a number of high profile discipline problems in Neil''s short time in charge. Grabban walking out before the cup game in Rotherham, Ruddy doing his best Rocky impression in tombland and now ONeil last night with his mental challenge To many now for coincidence. I wonder what the issue is! I don''t remember these problems under Hughton or Lambert?
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