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  1. So far out of his depth it''s ridiculous. Like watching a car crash in slow motion.
  2. I agree. Newcastle will likely finish above us with the players they''ve got in. Keeping Villa down there would be in our best interests.
  3. They talk about six-pointers, that Villa game looks like a nine-pointer!
  4. Yeah I got mine week before last with ''restricted view'' nicely printed across it
  5. Might just be that he''s leaving McNally to work on it.
  6. Maybe him and Holty had a Brokeback Mountain episode a few years back and he wants to reignite the passion.
  7. Actually it appears they''re not out. Just face a battle to reach the quarters.
  8. Think Congo DR went out late last week but if so he would''ve only recently got back to Belgium.
  9. His omission from Anderlecht''s squad could have something to do with recent ACN involvement. Interestingly he was voted as the Belgian league''s best player last week. Would be good to get him but not sure we will.
  10. I''d love it if he came back to Carrow Road in May with Villa already cut adrift and us safe. Just hoping we''re not in a situation where we desperately need something from the game.
  11. Long live the King indeed. Fantastic for the club, all the best Simon. You leave with thanks.
  12. Sorry stig, didn''t realise you''d posted about that article!
  13. Cheers. Figured it probably would be quite near the back. Looks like i''ll be rubber-necking for 90mins.
  14. Lol, well yeah maybe. I''m hoping today was a serious jolt to Hughton''s system. Quite literally. It''s not too much to expect better against QPR...is it?
  15. Got my QPR ticket through today and it''s unfortunately a restricted view one. Just wondering if any of you guys have ever sat in restricted view seats at Loftus Road and if so, how bad is the view? I''m in Block Y4 Row M.
  16. Just not convinced Hughton has the personnel to play how he wants to on a consistent basis. We can''t contain and leave a lot of space to be played around.
  17. I think we''d hear of an accepted bid, medical and personal terms being agreed before cuddling with directors. Not believable that he''s at Anfield although i''m open to being proved wrong.
  18. I did wondered whether the bids were serious or whether they were just put in as a show for supporters. Thinking rationally though, I would hope dearly the board have more savvy than to mess around like that.
  19. It''s a blessing in disguise I was down to work tomorrow otherwise I would''ve been going and probably booked train tickets early. Hope the game is on and you all get there and back safely!
  20. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]I''m going with: Liverpool P-P Norwich City[/quote] Haha! You may very well be right on the money with that one.
  21. I too think that another £2M would clinch it. I would imagine there''s a LOT of chatter been going on behind closed doors today.
  22. Isn''t the language "For the time being we have rejected the deal" quite interesting. Almost as if a deal was getting towards being sewn up and the leak occurred.
  23. I may be wrong but couldn''t see a prediction thread. Figure it got forgotten amidst the Grahoop excitement! I''m going for a wildly optimistic 2-2
  24. We''ve got to roll the dice as we need to stay up. Graham and Kayal do we think?
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