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  1. We aren''t playing at all well at the moment as people know. However, why are Man City and Spurs nailed on defeats? We have seen some of the less fancied teams taking points off the biggest clubs in the land this season.
  2. http://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/west-ham-a-1308646.aspx
  3. Not a surprise considering our current form, the kick off time, the league position of West Ham,the fact its live on TV and the fact its grade A....
  4. I agree Jimmy. However it is getting harder all the time to be upbeat re: Norwich.
  5. Ive got a horrible feeling he may make a key save or penalty save against us on Saturday.[:(]
  6. Just looked on the official site. Yesterday it said they were sold out,but today it appears there are very limited amounts in the main stand,E block,the corner between the main stand river end and the boxes in the Barclay end. OTBC
  7. Really hope your right Jas. Im fearing it may only be a draw,1-1.
  8. Im thinking we won''t go down,but not overly confident at the moment of a top 10 finish.[:(]
  9. That could certainly be one reason for it. Does make me think though considering West Ham''s league position AND the fact its a Saturday early evening kick off,live on TV....
  10. Thought it would of been a grade B personally...
  11. [quote user="dpit"]Said a few times that it could come down to just how hard we get spanked by Citeh[/quote] That is true,but I really,really hope it doesn''t come to that.
  12. I don''t finish work till 8.15pm...so i''ll walk home then listen to the rest of the game on the radio. COME ON SWANSEA!!!!!!
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