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  1. Last time I went to the Stadium of Light I froze my knackers off while singing "we all dream of a team of Wilbrahams" relentlessly with about 50 others. We played horrendously, Frazier Campbell scored that ridiculous volley and we lost 3-0.Looking forward to visiting early in the season.
  2. Not sure what the full story is but after chatting to a Villa fan at the weekend, it seems Lowton was doing well. He allegedly struggled to live away from Sheffield and moved back without Lambert knowing. Obviously that would cause problems if true. If that''s accurate, i''m not sure he''d be comfortable coming down to Norfolk but if he''s desperate for first team footy then who knows.
  3. The huge swarm of City fans gathered outside the Crock of Gold chanting ''YELLOWS, YELLOWS'' at a little yellow car trying to get through the crowd was very comical.
  4. Scandinavia region I reckon. Or Switzerland.
  5. Mentioned this to my girlfriend the other day. Would be ace to have it as maybe a second disc to the season review. They could charge a bit more for a really well produced & packaged set rather than two separate products.
  6. I walked to Wembley from my hotel which unknowingly took me past the Boro pubs. Got some minor stick but no violence. One thing that struck me was that they thought they''d got promotion sealed before a ball was kicked. All I heard was "mighty Boro and we''re going up", references to the two previous fixtures and a general sense of entitlement/arrogance. Last night''s Trafalger Square takeover looks comical now. LOAD. BLOWN.
  7. I''m heading down on Sunday and staying in a Travelodge about 7-8miles from Wembley. Planning on taking a stroll across London, stopping for lunch on the way, then soaking up the atmosphere the closer I get. Cannot wait.
  8. The "it''s happened again" one was so good. Gave me chills.When Noel Hunt stood there winding the Snakepit up, chants of "you''re just a f*cking rent boy" were also great.I particularly enjoyed, "you might as well f*ck off!"
  9. [quote user="ArfurSowf"][quote user="S10 Canary"]I only got: "Oh what can it mean, to a sad Irish basta*d and a sh*t football team" It was a corker but wish I knew it all![/quote]It''s Daydream Believer by the Monkees, look it up[/quote] Lol, no I know the original thanks! Just didn''t know the full replacement lyrics.
  10. I only got: "Oh what can it mean, to a sad Irish basta*d and a sh*t football team" It was a corker but wish I knew it all!
  11. [quote user="SwindonCanary"]My daughter supports Swindon but never goes to watch but she wanted to go and watch them at Wembley so, this morning, I booked two tickets for the playoff final on the page posted above. IT WAS HARD WORK !   If it''s half as hard to get ticket for Norwich it will be a nightmare ![/quote]Hard work in what sense? I just had a look and it appears there''s shed loads of tickets left.https://www.eticketing.co.uk/swindontown/details/event.aspx?itemref=1174
  12. Just ordered myself one of these, thought others might appreciate it too.http://art-of-football.com/collections/all/products/hat-trick-hero
  13. I hovered over the ''buy tickets online'' link, right clicked and copied the address, then pasted this into the address bar. Got taken straight to the ticket page. If it still helps anyone, the link was http://tickets.canaries.co.uk/PagesPublic/home/home.aspx
  14. I''d certainly like to wear to a City shirt but it''s a bit smarter on final night so doubt i''ll go for it. Here''s hoping Bingham wins too, I met him in the foyer last night and he''s a top bloke. Really chilled out and took time to stand & chat with people.
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