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  1. Sad news, good poster who will be sadly missed. Condolences to his family.
  2. Thanks for the heads up Til, I tend not to waste time on these type of people so I’ll not bother answering, his reference to Germany is enough to make me think he’s a little bit strange in his way of thinking!
  3. Hey I’m not arguing, I’d tend to agree, but under current human rights you cannot enforce it!
  4. I understand your concern and I fully agree, but you cannot start to force anyone to have any medication, regardless of the circumstances, human right is to say no, that’s a given. But I then say they should be made to pay for any Covid treatment they need in the future.
  5. Fair enough then it’s your choice and you might not get into certain venues which have a vaccine passport as a requirement. That’s their choice!
  6. It doesn’t just lesson the chance of dying, It also lessons you form passing it on and getting it too, it drastically lessons you being hospitalised and dying! The likelihood of getting Covid for second time is not known, what is known it will have far less impact on that person having already built up the t-cell response to the protein marker for Covid. Similar to those double vaccinated.
  7. As far as I’m concerned if you’re not vaccinated without a valid reason you don’t get free privileges that those vaccinated do, so no entry to football grounds, theatre’s or other events. That might encourage those without vaccines to get vaccinated!
  8. I don’t quite understand the negativity. I keep saying it, we’re not an attractive proposition in terms of relegation fight, we’re not super rich and won’t pay the massive wages we did to sign the utter tripe that was Naismith……so we’re in the realms of never hitting the A list transfer as we’re probably up against similar sized teams who will pay more than we can afford. It’s the way things are. If we don’t hit the top targets then no big deal, we have exciting young prospects of our own I’d rather develop than loan more from other clubs. Omobamdele, Mumba, Sorensen, Aarons, Cantwell, Idah, are a few to get behind, then we’ve got a few decent players in, Lees-Melou, Rashica, we know about Gibson and Gainnoulis, both decent enough. We have signed a few more to the academy who in a couple years might well be the next big thing……. We’re the favourite to get relegated, we could buy Messi and we’d still be favourites to go down, enjoy the season for what it is…..premier league football.
  9. Billing would fit our requirements nicely as would have Ajer, but if true the combined 32 million fees is way outside our budget, it’s not that they weren’t our first choice, they are in our range of transfer targets and to think there’s better out there which would want to come here without massive salaries if fooling themselves. We don’t have the pulling power of a London club or the money to pay the wage. I’m very happy to see us get Billing if we can.
  10. I suspect Ajer was very high on the list, as we put in our maximum bid. Idont think we have as much to spend as some think. We still have to cover three key positions and I doubt we’ll spend anywhere near 20 million more, so to spend that on one target won’t happen. It’s clear as from day one we are a self funding club and cut our cloth to suite! I don’t expect anymore big signings, a couple more in the Lees-Malou type, cheap and decent. I believe Webber is putting his hopes on Omobamdele and Idah to come through along with Mumba.
  11. Lees-Melou could be a gem of a find, looks good on the ball, gets stuck in and bags of energy.
  12. You’re a little tinker, you know I meant people! But even so it must be in the thousand for boats too soon!
  13. It’s about an average of 40 a day, but recent days it’s in the hundreds and over 400 the other day, estimated since 2019 and the camps removed at the French side, the estimate is around 30,000 have come across. So yep in the thousands.
  14. While we were part of the EU they were held on the French side, now free to find a way across……
  15. Not to mention the thousands of illegal boat loads of refugees streaming across the channel, must be really galling for the Brexit bigots, they voted leave to control the borders!
  16. The only flying Finn I know is Mika Hakkinen, not sure could be here to drive the City coach next year!.
  17. Hi Nutty, just sent you my contribution, hopefully my Czech picks will be good this year…..good luck to all pups….
  18. What’s Ajer like on Football manager?
  19. Really need to look, 14 games in European Champions league qualifying, 18 in Europa Cup and the addition in bit part appearances. As for Hanley only appeared 13 more times for Scotland in 6 additional years of football! I’d say Ajer will go on to appear more in a Norwegian team in the future. Lastly as good as Gibson played after getting fit, he’s not actually cemented a squad place never mind actually appeared for England senior squad! I’m not sure you’re not wearing your Yellow n Green specs when arguing this case Hogs! Ajer is a talent who can play in two critical positions we need to improve on. If you’re happy with a couple 29 year olds, who on paper can be injury prone, then I’m glad for you, I don’t think Zimmermann and as talented Omobamdele is going to be, is a strong position to be writing off a player off Ajer potential and availability to us. We’re not going to be able to find many at his age and potential with his experience in our price budget or willing to come here…….so we wait to see who comes in!
  20. More like 38 and they all count to his experience. 23 starts for Norway who are on Par with Scotland for quality. I can’t see anyone wanting to pay 13 million for our two centre backs! This is one signing we should have really pushed to get over the line, IMO we lack quality at the back and I hope Omobamdele is as good as he looked last season.
  21. Just by that image and the dual funnel arrangement that will be the P&O Britannia!
  22. Really? You don’t see a 23 year old with European cup football experience significantly better? I’m sure had he signed you’d be shouting how significantly better he is! Ajer would have been a very good signing and improved our 11 no doubt in my book. Both looked very solid last year, but that was with a very good defensive midfielder mopping up the midfield which we don’t have now! Skipp was the biggest difference to why we looked so solid at the back. Whats done is done we move on to the next target whoever that might be.
  23. Brilliant news, get Todd tied down and sign that key player to get those sceptical fans back on board!
  24. Sorensen is certainly good enough, he’s a very good player and no reason he couldn’t be part of a back three, but better suited in a holding position behind Dowell or Lees.
  25. Or might just be that we can’t meet his demands and need to cash in! Deeper pockets as some put it! Self funded isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when in the top flight! Must be frustrating as hell for Webber and Farke! We shall see!
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