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  1. My first game stood in the Barclay, Jimmy Bone scored for us & Joe Royal equalised & yep still going today many up's & down's in that time
  2. One headless chicken( Deano) talking about another ( Onel ) lol!
  3. Will be interested to see how the stewards speak to people that are standing as where I supposedly sit I can't as everyone in front of me are standing so I have to stand to watch the game, myself and friends around me were talking about this issue on Saturday, so I'll be looking forward to receiving a letter from the club, will make sure I have pictures to back up my case, & no I'm not asking those in front of me to sit down either! Just a thought.
  4. Maybe because we were so crap in most departments last season, & 2 games in we are still giving goals away & not taken our chances
  5. Need a good start then hopefully everything & everyone will fall into place, if we don't start we'll ( which we hardly ever do) then the frustrations will return, But what do I know? Come on City, prove me wrong please!!!!!!!
  6. Shame, it use to be a regular Saturday evening thing before going to the pub, think that's also dieing out, maybe my age though
  7. Looks like a "head on" with the one coming the other way
  8. Portugal or Preston think we all would have picked Portugal, good luck fella
  9. New set piece coach working well we scored from a corner
  10. Let's hope so I don't want to miss another chance getting this club moving forward
  11. Will soon be 4th July any American investment announcement coming up? I'm not holding my breath though
  12. But every canary fan knows it seems to be the same every year whatever division we are in, it's the owners who keep coming out with this every year. Maybe some American Investment might help this situation, but don't hold your breath on that one happening any time soon... Just saying!
  13. Yep Money talks even for people with thousands ( Millions) in the bank, not like yesteryear when players moved to a lower league & still had the class to play!
  14. All bids for the lad Twaine at M K Don's have fallen sort of what they want for him, So that will rule us out of making any bids!
  15. I saw Dean Ashton with his family at Thorpe Station on Sunday afternoon, that's as close to any signings so far!
  16. Thought they were using the old ones again & again & again??????? lol,
  17. Blackburn wants him on loan, ha ha just like that's going to happen
  18. All the Whoop Whoop about the new badge etc, now all we need is some decent players to wear the new crest with pride!
  19. Don't think Deano is a member of this site so probably doesn't know what he's missing out on. Webber won't be tempted by us as it was our fault we are where we are.
  20. Try & buy some Hungarian players, more pride & passion in one game than we've shown all last season.
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