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  1. Louis, are you in the OTBC league? What are your current stats?
  2. [quote user="Matt Juler"]I only have England, Game Week 1 and Overall, not sure why Norwich doesn''t show up as I''m registered as a City fan. I think my success this season has been based around not having many City players! I''ve currently got Rudd (not much use!) and Tettey on the bench. [/quote] Matt, i was having the same trouble. My account was registered as being a Norwich fan but turns out there is 2 places you have to select Norwich. On the main screen just below your kit on the right there is a design kit button, hit that and near the top of the next page is a drop down to select your team. Select Norwich and you should join the league after the next deadline. I''m currently 7,401 in the UK, 16,310 overall and on the up! Currently 6th in a private league OTBC setup by someone on here i believe. I have Bunn (formerly Ruddy), Bassong and Snodgrass in my team with all 3 of them playing most weeks bar the top 6 and it seems to be helping me. Snodgrass has the same overall points as David Silva and more than Berbatov and a host of other ''top'' players.
  3. I dont post too much on here and recognize Mungo as very much a troll. However rather worryingly i agree with many points above. I dont 100% agree that the problem is Holt, but i believe its the lack of any real competition before this transfer window that is the problem. Many people in their everyday jobs (me included) work better when they have a bit of pressure on them to succeed. Holt hasnt had that this season so its very easy to let standards slip a little. I do think that he is playing well though, and that the change in system hasnt helped him with regards to scoring goals. He is now much more responsible for holding the ball up and bringing the attacking trio behind him into play. IMO this is where the problem lies for me... Those 3 behind Holt arent scoring their fare share from open play. Wes as much as I love him scored his 2nd? goal of the season this week, Snodgrass has scored from set pieces and maybe 1 from open play and Pilks has 4? If we are going to play this system, the guys behind Holt need to score more themselves. Thats my view.
  4. The only reason we are being compared to Blackpool is to try and get punters to believe something that isnt true. The bookies want people to bet on us going down because they are sure that we are not going to. I take that article as a compliment as they, in reality, believe everything to be the opposite of what they have written.
  5. We could have got the likes of Jay Rodriguez, signed by Southampton for 7mil, he hasnt worked out that well so far. Championship is a similar standard to SPL IMO. Very similar player, but Hooper''s goal record is far superior even when going back to his days at Doncaster where he averaged 1 in 2 for a very poor team in the Champ. Yes Hooper plays for a massive club in a small pond, against weak opposition, but i really do think he has the ability to be successful for us should we sign him. Id prefer to spend less and still get him or a Michu but Hooper would be fine by me.
  6. As I understand it, yes we would have drawn Bradford. The numbers for the draw were as follows: 1. Aston Villa 2. Bradford 3. Swansea 4. Chelsea first 3 alphabetical and 4 was unknown when the draw was planned. 1 drew 2 and 3 drew 4. If we put Norwich in instead of Villa we get the following: 1. Bradford 2. Norwich 3. Swansea 4. Chelsea 1 Vs 2 = Bradford Vs Norwich. I may not be correct but this is how i understand it.
  7. I think its right that season ticket holders & regular away travellers get priority on away premier league games. But a lot of them dont bother with the early rounds of the cups at home, as shown by the COCup this season. So i dont think it would be fair to give them priority on away games like this. After all there is a large waiting list for season tickets, showing there are plenty of people who want to show their support regularly but cant, making these games the ideal chance for them.
  8. QPR V Villa id go for a draw if given the choice. Gap widens on both and QPR dont gain any confidence from a win. They have a good manager now and do have good players so the longer they struggle the better.
  9. Just had a quick read on a couple of their forums. They really are (as with most forums it seems) overly optimistic, bordering on arrogant. They have a prediction thread where all of them have said that they will easily beat us, some saying it will be a walk in the park and that we have not deserved any of our points so far. One even posted that he genuinely believed after the next 5 games they would be on 16 points (with us only on 8). Lets go there and show them we are not the team portrayed on MOTD and that we more than deserve our place in this league!
  10. Dani has just tweeted the following: Rumors about me going to milwall are not true. I will let you know where I''m off to by end of today. Thank you for message. Personally i dont think, based on what ive seen, he is good enough. And as we have changed manager i dont think we will be in for him, but you never know.
  11. [quote user="City1st"]"this is a foreign loan so we can still can take another 2 from the uk" eh ? where on earth did you get that idea from ? [/quote] Its true, cross border loans are effectively short term permanent transfers and don''t count against the number of loans allowed in a squad. Think back to our relegation season when we had something like 9 loan players, Kennedy and Lupoli didn''t count towards the match day loan limit. Although im not 100% sure if this is still the case in the prem.
  12. Most tweets on there appear to be linking him with a return to Feyenoord. Most of them are certainly more credible than @fakerumours. As nice as it would be i dont think it will happen.
  13. Its not a Sky Sports Rumour, but rather random rumours that people have, more than likely, made up and posted on the "Your Transfer Rumours" on the sky sports website. http://www1.skysports.com/transfer-centre/your-rumours No more reliable than football-rumours.com, and in most cases probably the same people posting them. Saying that id be happy with any of them, but certainly cannot see us signing both strikers, would be pushing 12-13 mil for the 3 of those.
  14. Looked like it. Proper scrap! Good luck to him, looks like he can go far in this.
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