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  1. Are you aware of the type of character that would be singing these tunes..??? Do you really believe the Barclay or Snake Pit Ensemble would sing a song to the Bieber Baby tune???? I give up.....
  2. Think we need to wrap Zimmermann in cotton wool after yesterdays performance, was immense. For me, team would be; McGovern Pinto Godfrey Franke Toffolo/Lewis if fit Murphy Tettey Vrancic/Reed/Maddison..???? Wes Wildschut Oliviera Keep the whole bench from Saturday on the bubble.
  3. [quote user="Jim Smith"]I would add that if we can get good money I can see the rationale for selling Howson, provided that we can use the money to bring in a couple of decent defenders. he''s a great player but not as consistently influential as he should be and goes missing in games too often. What I object to here is the spin from the club again, really worries me that this is a massive downsizing exercise being spun as rebuilding.[/quote] Sorry Jim your points don''t make sense. Downsizing is rebuilding surely? The whole point is the club cannot afford the lucrative deal Howson is on for another 2/3 years, likewise, I would assume JH is looking for one last hurrah as he''s heading into his 30''s. If he knows a lower end Prem team is in for him, keen to pay him at least what he is on now, it makes sense for him and us. In 2 years time, his market value will be nowhere near the value now, in fact, next season with only one year will be greatly reduced. Even if the club have spun this as you state, it makes sense all round to me.
  4. Also has a vested interest as he is a fan of the club.....
  5. I think the comment relates to us delaying a coach appointment due to him maybe tied to a club with potential play off ambitions, which is a fair and valid point
  6. Really enjoyable game to watch, the team played as a unit, defended well and, most importantly, completed the ''Dirty'' style of defending, no messing when necessary. Both full backs impressed me, Grant composed, but for me the 2 front lads and Adams were the stars. Jaiyesimi had all the tricks in the number 10 role, Ashton Seal was powerful and quick, but Adams had that bit of X Factor in his game, as well as taking few prisoners. Certainly potential here...
  7. .... with the view to becoming Manager...!!!
  8. Says different here, halfway down, but ..... https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/2972128/dennis-bergkamp-and-steve-morrow-in-arsenal-sights-to-become-clubs-new-academy-manager/
  9. Could be type we could look at if we want to go down the foreign route..... I can but dream......
  10. Small steps, know it doesn''t seem enough as we lost too much ground over November/December, but, as with Huddersfield game in promotion season, could be a big point at the end of the season.
  11. .... If it proves to be correct of course. No guarantees
  12. Wish I''d never said ''owt now.. Of course I''ve shared it with my ''Inner Circle''
  13. Not really for me, I trust the person implicitly, and most sensible people will know that any ''Gossip'' or rumour is a moveable feast...
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