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  1. So there’s no link in the Charlie Wyatt report about releasing out of contract players which annoyed Paul Lambert, here http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/article4210031.ece which says  “Canaries defenders Zak Whitbread and Elliott Ward, plus frontman Aaron Wilbraham, are all out of contract and unlikely to be offered new deals.   Striker Chris Martin, on loan at Crystal Palace, is another probable sale should Paul Lambert''s side stay in the top flight.   Yet hitman James Vaughan is set to stay, despite playing just four times since joining from Everton last May” This story drew a response from Paul Lambert The City boss admitted he was ‘annoyed’ at speculation experienced centre backs Zak Whitbread and Elliott Ward, along with striker Aaron Wilbraham, will not be offered new deals in the summer.  “That is the thing that annoyed me the most. Unless I tell them, then fine, because the only opinion that matters is mine and I haven’t said anything to any of the lads about what happens,”  And today’s Charlie Wyatt story in which he interviews Paul Lambert http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4214891/Norwichs-Paul-Lambert-Give-top-jobs-to-Brit-bosses.html No coincidence whatsoever, at all, that our man from the Sun gets an little snippet of info a couple of days before the interview with Sir Paul? (I am assuming of course that  the interview was not done at the Friday press conference otherwise it would have been picked by the EDP)
  2. I''d recommend a couple of "welcome to Norwich" tackles and if that doesn''t work, a couple more :-)
  3. Nice post LDC, good exciting game, reminded me a little of the 2-2 League 1 draw at Southampton in the pouring rain, but City came back to equalise in that one. Another point gained is the way I see it and more importantly we didn’t lose to a team below us who saw this fixture as a three point banker.
  4. Any of the people slagging off our second top scorer realise he put a real shift in Saturday whilst under the weather? Then three days later he’s called absolute garbage, despite the fact he still managed to help set up a goal and more than likely still struggling with whatever he had at the weekend. Beyond belief.
  5. If you want a few rubbish jokes in a midweek chat slot he’s your man, but as a matchday radio presenter I think he’s completely unprofessional.
  6. Nice sound of screeching brakes and pulling the car into reverse Ben, but if that really is your opinion why didn’t you say it first as opposed to offering it when challenged?   Unless of course the first opinion you offered was the one you really believed in.   A little tip for free; maybe think before you post next time. Not everyone in the world is as fortunate as you think you are. Maybe when you are less fortunate you might have a different view on priorities in life and supporting your team.    
  7. That’s exactly the sort of smug reaction that makes me sick as a supporter. For whatever reason there are some City fans who do not have a season ticket, financial, location or other commitments on a weekend. But once in a while they would like to attend a City match if they could, but are being priced out of a game.   If there was an ignore or block option you would be on it, purely for that smarmy “I’m alright, don’t give a stuff about you” comment. Appalling.    
  8. I’m embarrassed as a Norwich fan at the prices for Fulham. It’s not just right.
  9. [quote user="Chelmsford Canary"]That was one of the best games since i''ve been supporting NCFC. Yellows after the game was buzzing![/quote]   Yellow was buzzing in 2005 ???
  10. Cant’ recommend it highly enough. I’m at most of the games so don’t use the commentary much and when I’m not watching live, there are rumoured to be internet feeds to watch the games.   But as we can see all the highlights on Football First or MotD they have had to come up with some different stuff to make it worth subscribing to.   The new things NCFC have done are excellent, the McVeigh interviews, highlights from the youth and reserve games and the pre-match analysis, the last one of which featured a poster from this message board. All the things we can’t get from the BBC or Sky.   So yes, well worth £37 a year or £3+ per month.  
  11. So if the rumours are to be believed NCFC wanted to know who snitched to BBC Look East and they said we’re not saying which is what any self respecting journalist would do. McNally puts his foot down and tries to kick BBC Look East around in the same he does to local newspaper reporters, not releasing that dear old Auntie Beeb has a much bigger harder older brother lurking in the background who is very very well connected The older bigger harder brother of Auntie Beeb has a quiet word with McNally saying he is playing with the really big boys now and he would do well to remember this. We don’t want to upset your sponsors, TV coverage and all the good publicity you get he whispers in the direction of Carrow Road. Cue a climb down by both parties.
  12. If this is indeed still rumbling on between NCFC and BBC Look East it seems to me to be a pointless spat in which the club can’t win and shouldn’t get involved with. I don''t think it''s very clever to get heavy handed with the BBC, a huge organisation with a great deal of influence and far bigger than NCFC.
  13. From the NCFC statement "They know exactly what they need to do to regain that access. One simple phonecall is all that it would take and we very much hope they will make that call as we would prefer for this issue to be resolved" What''s the betting that this simple phone call is not one saying sorry, but naming the source of the CMS story" ? And if it is, it might explain the standoff between NCFC and BBC East.
  14. Wise words from Manchester Canary above ^^^^^^^   I know that NCFC stated that Ewan Chester was available until 31st August, but the statement smacks of gardening leave to me.    (I’ve seen there’s another Jarroldstander on here but I don’t post very often, just so we are not confused with each other, I''m not him or her)
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