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  1. To be fair I''ve heard similar, basically it''s alleged that Holt, who has a huge influence in the dressing room, has a fair share of the players on his side. Basically we need to sort the holt issue one way or the other quickly now that Lambert is history and things will settle down. Add a new manager and a couple of signings and all will be calm again. I Fully expect us to have a manager in place by this time next week. McNally knows the score.
  2. Reckon we''ll be making an appointment by Wednesday
  3. I''m just of the opinion that we will be wasting a vast amount of money on him if he signs say a 3 year contract on prem wages which will amount to about 1 million pounds down the swanny. I hope all contracts that are not signed are on hold till a new manager is appointed.
  4. After thr PR disasters that has engulfed Liverpool this season it will definitely have had an impact. You should also look into how Fenway Sports have handle matters regarding their American interests. Your comparison with Sir Alex is way wide of the mark as well. It''s a Bit different when appointing a new manager rather than sacking a manager who has brought huge success to the club over a long period making it a global super power x. In fact it would have been a PR disaster if Utd had sacked Fergie.
  5. [quote user="BroadstairsR"]Elliot is a decent player. He has never let us down and is the perfect squad player for a club of our standing. Unfair and inaccurate slagging-off such as this is neither constructive nor helpful. [/quote] Guess you missed the Liverpool game then?
  6. We all know McNallys said that Gareth but it won''t stop Lambert trying to unsettle Howson. I''m sure you''re aware that He has said the same for Holt.
  7. Having seen how he has operated I fully expect hin to try and unsettle Jonny Howson as well. Think the reports that were on SSN the other day were just the start. Have lost all respect for Lambert and Holt.
  8. So as a result he does not sign his new contract. He is simply not up to it.
  9. Indeed, he has very little day to day involvement.
  10. Not to mention that Rat face Roeder is the chief scout!
  11. I''m adamant that Culverhouse will go with him however will be interesting to see if he keeps Peter Grant on at Villa. I guess they are big mates from Celtic days. If we could somehow keep Culverhouse I feel Lambert would suddenly lose his magic as make no mistake he is the man who does all the detailed work like training, tactics, player recruitment etc. Would love to see Lambert and Grant fall flat on they faces.
  12. The yanks in charge felt that his media skills/style are to similar to Kenny D and they did not think Kenny portrayed The club in the best light with his spiky press conferences. Brendon''s Rodgers on the other hand is very media friendly.
  13. Culverhouse will be off with Lambert. No chance of him staying I''m afraid. He is the reason for Lamberts success as he does most of the work.
  14. So the same Grant Holt who went public about Christmas time saying he wanted to see out his current contract at Norwich and then return to his home town club of Carlisle to finish his career actually ment to say he wanted to extend his contract at Norwich by a further year! Holt and his agent are wrong and they are lying out their teeth I believe. Their handling of this has been horrendous. I can''t see a premiership club giving him a 3 year contract so my money is on him moving to a rich club in the championship who have more money than sense who will give Hume that 3 year deal. I expect to see Holt in a Leicester shirt next season but that is just a hunch. I''m backing McNally all the way.
  15. [quote user="rich69snake"]I only ever post when there is something factual to say unlike a lot the other b......t I read on here. I have followed Norwich for 36 years and it still amazes me how thickle Norwich fans can be. Regarding the Holt saga he spoke to the club last year regarding an new 3 yr contract but the club were not sure about his commitment due to the fact he was away 3-4 days a week in Carlisle, he was told if he relocated in Norwich that he would offered an new 3yr contract. So he bought a new house on the outskirts late last year but now the club has not kept their side of the bargain. [/quote] He signed a new 3 year contract at the end of the season when we got promoted.
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