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  1. NeonYellow

    Sutton's thoughts...

    Penalty shoot outs for the remaining games! Maybe that is just confidence from FA Cup have just remembered our penalties last season!
  2. NeonYellow

    Ricardo's report v Arsenal

    McClean 100% best player.
  3. NeonYellow

    Farke struggling

    I don't really feel like blaming Farke on this. He can only deal the hand he has got. We are crying out for an experienced midfield ball winner (maybe Amadou in his correct position but feel another would also be good), another central defender (prem experience), and a more physical creative player higher up the pitch to hold on to the ball longer for Pukki. What we have got at the moment feels like a spineless team, albeit one who can go onto better things with some support in these areas. Webber really needs to work his magic in January to attract anyone to us as we will be rock bottom by then while we wait for Zimmerman. The onus really is on him now to deliver the players the team needs. If we don't put a spine back in this team 2020 will be a hard old watch but I still have faith in the club. I just hope this is being addressed and targets are being lined up.
  4. NeonYellow

    Play Off Dilemma

    I hope Bristol sneak in and win it
  5. NeonYellow

    Team vs Ip****

    If Klose is available his experience may be needed and he has form for the derby. Harsh on Godfrey I know. Otherwise I can’t see how you could take out Vrancic or Trybull.
  6. NeonYellow

    Leeds and potential legal action

    It would be nice to know the truth which I guess is another good reason for it being looked at in more detail. If Derby are fabricating their version of events that is just as bad.
  7. NeonYellow

    Leeds and potential legal action

    That may well be the case. I am going off The Guardian newspaper article I read which says "Earlier in the day Derby announced that police had been called to their training ground on Thursday following reports of a man equipped with binoculars, wire cutters and camouflage clothing hovering suspiciously on its boundaries."
  8. NeonYellow

    Leeds and potential legal action

    Let me Google that for you: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=leeds+spy+wire+cutters
  9. NeonYellow

    Leeds and potential legal action

    What I am referring to is South American football culture, where Biesla has worked extensively and cheating is far more prevalent. You only needed to watch the world cup to see the difference. I don't have a Little England mentality am very much enjoying having Daniel Farke represent our club and living in the European Union, while we are still part of that. Pep Guardiola is talking about people with cameras not wire cutters. That is the difference, if you can see the match without cutting your way in then I understand that and would imagine that goes on anyway. One of your employees actually getting arrested with a change of clothes and a pair of wire cutters in my opinion crosses a line between getting an advantage (anyone with a pair of binoculars could also do) into cheating.
  10. NeonYellow

    Leeds and potential legal action

    I agree that we should concentrate on our own affairs and would prefer to not get involved. However, I do understand clubs not wanting Leeds employees creeping about with wire cutters in their bag. I honestly can’t see why anybody would need wire cutters for a bit of honest looking over the wall. That shouts illegal, trespassing and not at all in the spirit of the game or at least as we hope to play it in Europe.
  11. NeonYellow

    Team For Bolton?

    Mine is:






    I think Hooper and Wes together could work well and Hooper would be fired up against his old boss Lennon. Vadis to play a part too.
  12. NeonYellow


  13. NeonYellow

    alex neil derby game record

    Thanks for the post Dundee, ignore the small minded people.

    I for one was interested to read Alex Neil''s derby game record and it was a worthwhile contribution so cheers for the insight.

    I am a lifelong Norwich fan from Norfolk who is hoping our Scottish players don''t take any notice of TIL 1010 and city4eva as they certainly don''t represent any of the Canaries fans I know.