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  1. Who cares, you said what do fans want a team who win more than 2 in 19. Are you happy with this record?
  2. How can you have an end of season celebration before the season ends?
  3. We were the worst team we deserved to lose, how you can keep defending hughton is beyond me! 2 wins in 19
  4. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="Fraz"]I say no more.[/quote]with 2 games left?idiot....[/quote] yes! Two wins in 19 clueless idiot.
  5. I deliver to another Paul lambert also in bowthorpe a painter and decorator never met him tho lol
  6. Dave Jones interview was very telling pressure seems to be showing got moody with the guy interviewing him I really enjoyed it!
  7. Thanks for the heads up Dead Canary missed out in the ballot this made up for it
  8. August 1986 Southampton at home 2-0 down at half time went on to win 3-2 hooked ever since.
  9. Man U fans still sing about Cantona nothin wrong with celebrating a legend
  10. Shame he lost the ball when coming out of defence that led to the pen. That apart he looks good
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