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  1. So long as she can cook a good roast dinner and do the ironing too I don''t think we should discriminate...er.... I expect it will happen at some point, doubt I''ll still be alive when it does but why shouldn''t one one day?
  2. Morty, I think people including yourself have chosen to interpret the OP AND everything skijumpoes has said following in the way that they wanted but not necessarily as it was written. Now I could suspect skijumptoes as being very clever but as someone who has direct experience and planning for this very topic I can put my hand on my heart and say that so far, I do not suspect skijumptoes motives or his intent. It is a brilliant OP and a great thread!
  3. I''m sorry Morty, but your sarcasm proves that you have missed the point and I''m afraid it''s an epic fail. Never mind.
  4. Well Morty, I don''t see skijumptoes saying that we ARE a bunch of middle class inbred racists but that he imagines that people can PERCEIVE that we could be. To any minority that is something for them to consider. I agree that we have come a long way in the last 30 or 40 years but I see skijumptoes as coming just a bit further than some of us too. Take your time.
  5. Brilliant thread and whilst I have enjoyed the many posts from people displaying their anti-racist credentials I would applaud skijumptoes for firstly bringing the subject up and how he has conducted himself following. Firstly, there is nothing wrong with the OP, what you have all missed is the point about WHY a black manager would choose to live and work in a) A predominantly white area, and B) A predominantly white fan based club and C) A predominantly white profession. Skijumptoes has at no point said that black managers should not succeed or that Norfolk is a racist area however you''ve all taken your own bait. Congratulations. And by the way, every human being on the planet is racist, if you don''t acknowledge that you are the problem. Enjoy.
  6. Yeah, thats been said before. Just a few thousand times. Maybe we''re all happy where we all sit or stand, maybe some in the Jarrold would like to get STs in the Barclay, maybe not. Been done to death now but please fck it over some more, some people like that sort of thing.
  7. [quote user="Jeremy Cluckson"]Exactly!  Unless Delia & MWJ pass the "baton" there is no new source of money. Amen to that....Note that as ever the giggly cook has been spared any possible involvement in this farce?  Robert Chase would have been hanged for it all by now.[/quote]Well of course it''s nothing to do with Delia. What? You think Delia refused to make Grant an omlette? Threw a green pepper at him, gave him the black eye?According to you McNally runs the show and yet it suits your purpose to try and bring her into it.
  8. [quote user="Jeremy Cluckson"]If Carrow Road caught fire on match day and the evacuation call went out for ''women and children first'', there would barely be anyone left in their seats.The support has been so dumbed down at ''Delia''s family orientated little club'' that there''s hardly any boisterous hardcore fans left to misbehave. [/quote]Well you are wrong, anyone who attends Home games would find it obviously predominantly male attended but that won''t stop you who hasn''t been to a game in years piping up every now and then with your bile.Respect your right to continue to try and spread it though.
  9. Frankly I have to wonder whether I''ve got the wrong attitude because I''m becoming increasingly embarrassed by some of our fans who say they will boo Grant Holt. The club I thought I knew has turned into some sort of madhouse and I''m afraid that if I come to Drury''s Testamonial I''m going to end up losing my rag and punch peoples lights out or as many as I can before I''m carted off. I know a fair few must be binners on this board just looking to cause division, those ones are obvious but even some who I know to have been so called fans for years seem to have completely lost their heads, either that or I''ve lost mine. This forum is sh!t at the moment and I cannot believe this Booing discussion is even taking place. "Best Fans in the League" - I''m not so sure now.
  10. [quote user="First Wizard"]He should  not be allowed to over shadow and tarnish Drury''s game on Tuesday.   Be fair Holt. [/quote]I hope he leaves now. I hope he gets £50k a week. He doesn''t deserve you.
  11. [quote user="militantcanary"]Its been spoilt already Just stating the bleeding obvious And betrayal is the correct word after getting that level of support from fans, Manager etc. It happens in Football but its still hard to take[/quote]Are you like 16 or something?
  12. What are you saying Morty? You don''t think some of us are taking ourselves just a wee bit too seriously do you?
  13. Promise me Mr Chops, promise me we''ll all laugh.
  14. I hope some of us will still be able to talk to each other after this but seriously, for the moment, get over yourselves.
  15. Oh don''t start that one off again A1, if I remember right that then leads to how much someone else walleted and we never get that answer!
  16. I''m not in love So don''t forget it It''s just a silly phase I''m going through And just because I call you up Don''t get me wrong, don''t think you''ve got it made I''m not in love, no no, it''s because.. I like to see you But then again That doesn''t mean you mean that much to me So if I call you Don''t make a fuss Don''t tell your friends about the two of us I''m not in love, no no, it''s because.. I keep your picture Upon the wall It hides a nasty stain that''s lying there So don''t you ask me To give it back I know you know it doesn''t mean that much to me I''m not in love, no no, it''s because.. Ooh you''ll wait a long time for me Ooh you''ll wait a long time Ooh you''ll wait a long time for me Ooh you''ll wait a long time I''m not in love So don''t forget it It''s just a silly phase I''m going through And just because I call you up Don''t get me wrong, don''t think you''ve got it made I''m not in love I''m not in love
  17. [quote user="London Canary"]Thinkin of movin to Norwich or nearby where is the best place to live?[/quote]Harwich.
  18. Baldyboy - respect your opinion but if I was changing jobs, and I have on occasion the only one being told anything would be my nearest and dearest, I know it''s different in football but in the scenario that he has fallen out with Lambert I could still respect PL and not have the reasons all over the back pages of the media. In the evnt I''ve had another offer or that I had to think about my last few years in the job and maximising any potential I had then I''d play my cards as close to the chest as I could. At the end of the day Grant''s responsibilities are first to his family, he should now how much we think of him and must be hurt to read so much speculation tbh as I still feel he holds us in regard. It just comes down to what is right for him and none of us have the right to think that we could choose that for him or make him show us the cards he is playing. Grant has been a fantastic servant of NCFC, his negotiations with the club will be professional as we have come to expect and we must hope that he gets the best advice possible and that we can be happy with the resolution.
  19. We''ll all be disappointed if he leaves. We''re all gutted that following the end of the season we haven''t seemed to be allowed to just let the glow of a successful campaign wash over us and look forward to the next with more additions to build on our strengths but the truth of the matter is that if players AND managers don''t look out for themselves no-one else will! The kind of wallowing self pity and blatent selfish attention seeking taking place on our forum has reached epic proportions and really shows us up as fickle fans who forget what these people have done for us and what they have meant to us and instead of understanding that in the Premiership World no player or manager freely gives their thoughts away, that maybe not talking about their reasons is either diplomatic or just good plain old common sense escapes some of us completely. We didn''t make Grant Holt, he did, he is his own person and deserves any success and future he can make for himself. Same goes for Lambert. If anything was going to make them want to stay it would be words of respect and support not this horrocks of an abortion forum.
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