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Allways Look On The Bright Side

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  1. Allways Look On The Bright Side

    Gunn Club

    All Gunn Club prices have been Reduced to £125 so if you have paid more than this amount you should get a refund.The problem with the Gunn Club is that after the game it seems anybody can get in from other parts of the ground which makes it hard for Members to get a seat i have tried to find out why this is but cant.
  2. Allways Look On The Bright Side

    The BBC and us

    Having watch BBC Look East several times in the last week i noticed that they feature Ipswich a lot more than us.Does anybody now why have we fallen out with them?
  3. Allways Look On The Bright Side

    Fan Forum

    Got my ticket yesterday it was number 57 so it does not seem as if many are going. I thought there would have been a really good turnout.
  4. Allways Look On The Bright Side

    Supporters Forum

    I know i dont post on here much but after yesterdays disgraceful performance by the team and the bad team selection by our so called manager i must make my feelings known so i and i hope many others will make an effort to go to the Supports Forum on the 4/10/12 at Carrow Road to make our feelings known.
  5. Allways Look On The Bright Side


    Has anybody heard if we are getting any compensation for Lambert if so how much.Or have the board made a big mistake on failing to agree compensation before Lambert left or walked out.
  6. Allways Look On The Bright Side

    Should Mcnally Resign

    After the Lambert and Holt saga i think Mcnally should resign. He promised Holt he would look at his contract at the end of the season but did not now look whats happened and also by not allowing Lambert to talk to Villa has also cost us at least a million pounds.
  7. Allways Look On The Bright Side

    Mr Holt

    What ever the reasons are for his transfer request i and a lot Norwich supporters will not feel quite the same about him any more i say if he wants to go let him go we all know from the past that the grass is not always greener on the other side.
  8. Allways Look On The Bright Side


    Just seen on N.C.F.C. site that fans traveling to Sunderland on Club Canary will be charged £3 to park at Carrow Road.
  9. Allways Look On The Bright Side

    Season Ticket Renewal Packs

    Does anybody know why some supporters have not got their season ticket renewal packs yet.