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  1. Just a little hunch here. Josh Murphy hasn''t travelled with the rest of the youth team on a tour to Amsterdam. Is this because he is with the first team for the Man City? Or is it because of his commitments with the England under 19 team?
  2. The shirtless, bespeckled, tattooed fella used to football at Wymondham youth with me, years back. He was probably one of the worst players I''ve ever shared a pitch with. He also used to work in my local chinese in Tacolneston...
  3. nah, they take in to account any money already earned in the year. There''s a threshold of "the minimum amount of money needed to live on", and if you''ve already earned over that, no dole for you...
  4. Apparently Hughton''s interested in bringing Dave Watson, goalkeeping coach at BCFC and England. From what I''ve heard, he''s played a big role in the development of keepers such as Joe Hart, Ben Foster and Jack Butland, and is very highly rated at his job. What''s everyone''s views on this potential appointment?
  5. I''m sorry, but am I the only person that thinks this is absolute bull?! Setanta have seen Surmans new deal and coupled it with Holty''s situation and come out with some poor journalism. 2+2=5. And from Holt''s tweet, it seems if anything that he''s happy for the guy, not angry or jealous as is claimed...
  6. i think Southampton will stay up, good a good set of players, and making the right strides in their signings. I honestly think West Ham will struggle. Not really got premier league class in them, and don''t play the best football to cope in the prem.
  7. I absolutely friggin love the Black kit! Looks brilliant! It won''t be a celtic style hooped kit, not enough contrast to the home shirt...
  8. Apparently he''s on the whopping £63,000 a week, ridiculous! Reading have recently been taken over by some rich Russians, but still, a 4-year deal at that kind of money for a 28 year old, that''s stupid.Personally, I''m glad we aren''t shelling out stupid money for players like that.
  9. seriously! he looks absolutely class!
  10. But the transfer request got rejected. What I meant was, if he gets booed by a few fickle fans, it''ll leave an incredibly sour taste in his mouth, and make him wanna leave even more. And I agree that the transfer request before Drury''s testimonial was not the best of moves. Still, people need to respect that it''s Drury''s big day, and he DESERVES all the attention
  11. Seen a few posts on twitter (normally by younger fans), that people will be booing Grant Holt at Adam Drury''s testimonial. Quite frankly, this has appalled me, and made me ashamed to be associated with these so-called "fans". I could go on for ages about Holt, and how much of a cult hero he has become for us, but I feel that''s been already asserted enough on this board. What really peeves me, is that a select few feel it is necessary to judge the whole situation by face-value, and boo one of Norwich''s most heroic strikers ever (and yes, I know, that''s a big statement to make), forgetting what a massive part of our club''s rise he has been. Whatever he does this summer, he doesn''t deserve that treatment, and I feel booing him could possibly make his mind up for him. What also annoys me, is the fact that they choose to do this on Drury''s testimonial. Tuesday is all about Adam, and his massive contribution and dedication to this club. It''s called the "Adam Drury Testimonial", not the "Grant Holt Speculation match". Honestly people, grow up and get a grip.
  12. http://files.sharenator.com/1_I_Dont_Want_to_Live_on_This_Planet_Anymore-s500x282-295658-580.jpg
  13. Definitely. Ward''s marking is so slack at times its unreal. Can''t get away with that at this level. Ward also seems to fanny about it with too much. Two of the goals were his fault because he didnt put it into row Z.
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